Love Islands Shaughna Phillips says she was touched inappropriately by masseur

Love Islands Shaughna Phillips says she was touched inappropriately by masseur


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Love Island'sShaughna Phillips has opened up about her experience with her masseur in a video shared to Instagram as she said she had been touched "inappropriately".

Her masseur allegedly touched her bum while giving her a massage to help drain fluid from her legs following her Lipoedema diagnosis.

In the video, Shaughna detailed the experience and claimed that the masseur pulled down her underwear to massage her bum while she was at the session to help drain fluid from her legs.

Admitting that she was too scared to say anything, she said that she thought some things were very inappropriate, adding: "I just lay there and let it happen."

The 27-year-old said that the masseur constantly reassured her and told her to let him know if she felt uncomfortable, while talking about his wife and children.

She said that after four or five sessions with the masseur, he informed her that he would be working on her bum to help with cellulite and pulled down her underwear and placed his hands on her bum for "four seconds" before moving to work on her legs.

Shaughna said that during this time, her underwear stayed pulled down.

Speaking on her reaction, she said: "Of course I felt uncomfortable. I went back into child mode and I just wanted my mum. I remember laying there and I didn't move, I didn't even feel like I was breathing.

"I just wanted to keep as still as possible and hope that it would be over as quickly as possible."

She added: "I just froze, I just froze and I thought, 'Keep quiet and get this over as quickly as possible."

Shaughna also claimed that there was a point where she was "contoured", meaning she had to slightly bend, and she said she felt him up against her, she added: "Then that was it, nothing was said. I didn't say anything, I just wanted to get out of there."

Towards the end of the video, Shaughna added: "Whether the guy meant it or not, I felt uncomfortable and my nickers never should have been down."

Shaughna shared her experience on Instagram and admitted that she didn't think she would share her story, but she wrote: "What kind of influencer am I if I don't use my platform to let girls know it is okay to say no?

"It is okay to speak out when something is not right. It is not your embarrassment, it's theirs!"

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