Love Islands Shannon Singh has Twitch account with hours of COD streaming

Love Islands Shannon Singh has Twitch account with hours of COD streaming


Glamorous Love Island contestant and Daily Star Page 3 model Shannon Singh is turning heads in the villa.

The Scottish starlet is ranking high in the public opinion polls and her popularity only seems to be rising more now that she has revealed her love of gaming.

During a private chat with Aaron Francis, Shannon revealed that she is a "gal of many talents", referring to her hobby as a gamer and Twitch streamer.

Shannon has proved herself to be a digital entrepreneur, running a successful OnlyFans account before entering the villa. She has also spoken about her digital brand work, highlighting her presence on YouTube and Instagram.

What is on Shannon Singh's Twitch account?

The gamer girl told Aaron that her favourite game to play is Call of Duty (COD) – saying: "I game, I Twitch, I play COD (Call of Duty). I actually play it really good."

Shannon's Twitch account seems to be mainly videos of her streaming COD – with over three hours of COD content uploaded.

Her most popular video is titled 'Excited to be on twitch!! Wee chat' – which has nearly 2,000 watches so far. She's also suggested followers DM her on Instagram with their requests, and has even hinted at filming a mukbang video in the future.

Despite her apparent love of video games – it has been noticed that Shannon only created her Twitch account a month before Love Island began filming and at the time of writing she has only 1,800 Twitch followers.

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This has lead some to believe that Shannon created the account for the benefit of her appearance on the show.

Many fans have reacted positively to the news that Shannon is a Twitch streamer, with viewers taking to Twitter to voice their excitement.

One fan wrote, "Shannon plays cod on twitch, she’s won in my eyes."

And another tweeted, "NOT SHANNON BEING A TWITCH STREAMER gamer gals have won today".

Although fans can view Shannon's Twitch account now, with all her videos still up and running – she had to remove her OnlyFans content last year.

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This happened after she had a feud with her followers during which someone threatened to leak her content over Reddit.

Shannon- who goes by the name Alexa Campbell on OnlyFans penned: "Leak my content? You are f*****g GROSS. Pay for it you weirdos."

She explained: "I think sexy content is empowering. I don’t do those pictures any more as I am trying to be more commercial."

The islander has previously said that she has never posed nude but that she has been photographed topless, as she believes that "any kind of vagina is a scope of porn to me."

Love island continues every night at 9pm for those that want to see what else Shannon will reveal.

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