Love Island champ Amber Gill says world famous rapper slid into her DMS

Love Island champ Amber Gill says world famous rapper slid into her DMS


Love Island beauty Amber Gill has revealed the most famous person who slid into her DMs.

The reality TV star was chatting to fellow Islander Chloe Burrows on her new YouTube video about any famous people who have dropped them a line.

When asked the question about who was the most famous, Amber said: "Erm, 21 Savage, yeah."

"Tell me more," Chloe said excitedly.

Amber explained: "It was just the ring emoji and one of those bomb photos when it comes up and goes, but it was him, 21 Savage. I mean, I didn't reply like but…"

Chloe added: "That's really cool, I don't really get people Jedward, Gemma Collins I've had, no one like 21 Savage, never."

"That was so random I thought someone was trying to prank us," Amber laughed.

The star also went on to reveal her rudest ever celebrity encounter and opened up about her run-in with Celebrity Big Brother legend Nicola McLean.

In the video, Chloe asked Amber who was the rudest celebrity or person she's ever met.

To which Amber said: "I haven't met them but the person that was the rudest to us was Nicola McLean – so I went to Winter Wonderland the year I came out and it was intense and I thought it was a press evening and there was loads of kids and stuff but that's fine but I couldn't get into any rides because they were swarming us.

"I left Winter Wonderland and I had to start saying no to people because I wanted to go on rides – and she put on a story about us saying 'she acted like Kim Kardashian' because one of her nieces or cousins was there.

"She was talking to her story and obviously it's intense when you come out as well saying I acted like a Kardashian and she was tagging us in it as well it was mad."

Chloe then explained how Love Island bosses calmed her nerves about having sex on TV.

She asked whether Amber had sex on the show, which she hadn't, unlike her.

Chloe said: "I did and also we had the graduation ceremony when we told everyone that I had sex and that was way after I had sex.

"So, I was like this is ITV doing me a favour here because I kept worrying like 'Oh my God, they were going to show me on TV at night time you know blah, blah'.

"But they would also say to us 'Chloe, it's not PornHub' and I was like 'Na, I don't care' but it was fine."


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