Liam Payne says he wants to fight Goggleboxs KSI swapping stage for boxing ring

Liam Payne says he wants to fight Goggleboxs KSI swapping stage for boxing ring


Liam Payne has admitted he wants to fight KSI in a candid chat about his love of a "ruckus" with Logan Paul.

Speaking on the ImPaulsive YouTube series Liam, 28, went into depth about his love of boxing and fighting as he lined up some potential opponents he would love to go head to head with.

The former One Direction star joined Logan, 27, and his ImPaulsive co-hosts Mike Majlak and George Janko as they chatted about everything from his true feelings on his former bandmate Zayn Malik to the best Pokemon characters.

However, Liam couldn't contain his enthusiasm for a touch of violence as he admitted he would love to step into the ring.

He said: "If there's a chance for me to jump in a ring and have a go and see what it feels like to be gladiatorial in the 21st century I'm in, let's do it.

"I just love boxing as a sport, I think it's fantastic. I like a bit of a ruck as they say in a very British way. I love a ruckus."

Liam then went on to discuss his desire to fight someone further as the conversation expanded.

He continued: "Who do I wanna fight? Who don't we like? There's not many people I don't like. For me, it's like I'd just enjoy the challenge. I'd enjoy the road up to it, whatever else. I mean who's disc do you want me to smash in?"

Logan then asked: "Would you fight KSI?"

Liam said: "Yeah. Yeah. He'd have to come down a few weight slots."

Logan interjected: "I don't think you could do it. And he can fight bro you don't wanna do it."

Defiant Liam argued: "No I'll fight him."

Logan then brought his fighter brother Jake Paul into the debate as he suggested: "Fight Jake."

Liam replied: "Would I have to go up weight slots or would he come down? Is he gonna Connor McGregor and come down and be like the skinniest man in Britain?"

He then contemplated the match further as he mulled over it with an "oooh."

Logan urged him: "Don't do it, don't do it."

Liam put on an American accent as he responded: "Don't wanna put a hurting on your brother now."

Co-host Mike then interjected to turn the attention to another famous face as he said: "I really do think a fight between you and Bieber would be interesting. It would be one biggest fights ever."

But Liam wasn't so sure about the match admitting that he didn't think it would happen.

He said: "I don't think he'd do it. I think he'd be very skilled to do it. I'm not calling him a pussy I just don't think he'd do it. For the same reason I wouldn't fight Trippy Red. I'm not his level. But if he did want to do it I would."

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