Kerry Katonas daughter urges mum to continue making millions from her boobs

Kerry Katonas daughter urges mum to continue making millions from her boobs


Kerry Katona’s daughter Lilly-Sue has urged her mother to continue making a fortune off her assets after she recently become a millionaire again.

Kerry's 19-year-old daughter is not embarrassed of her mother’s main source of income and fully supports her in her endeavours.

Katona has recently landed on the big bucks after she created an OnlyFans account, which famously made her a millionaire once more.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has since flourished on the platform and Lilly seems to be all for it.

She spoke to The Sun about her mother’s business move: “I absolutely love it. Who do you think is paying my phone bill? My mum’s boobs were all over the internet already, with people seeing them free of charge. She might as well make money from it if she can.”

Lilly continued: “It’s empowering to take back control of yourself like that and you know what? It’s supply and demand, baby!” My mum is so fit. I hope that when I’m her age I look as good as her. Sometimes my brother Max says it's annoying but I think it's such a flex.”

Lilly also joked that as she looks so similar to her mother, the singer often jokingly refers to them as “the before and after”.

She said that the pair “get on really well” but occasionally “butt heads” from time to time as they are “both outspoken and very stubborn”.

However, she admitted that they are “both very good” when it comes down to “handling situations” and when “s*** hits the fan”.

Kerry has struggled in her past and Lilly confirmed that she has “definitely protected” her children “as much as she could from a lot of what went on”.

The bold star has instilled her spirit into her kids and Lilly revealed that the “biggest thing she’s taught her” is that “no matter how many times they knock you down, you get back up stronger”.

The teenager continued to praise her mother for her efforts: “Mum is the strongest woman out there. I’m so proud of what she has achieved because it is ten times harder for someone with her history with drugs, to come from that addiction to where she is now.”

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