Kerry Katona claims mum tricked her into taking speed at the age of just 14

Kerry Katona claims mum tricked her into taking speed at the age of just 14


Kerry Katona claims her mum tricked her into taking drugs when she was just age 14.

The now 41-year-old recalled some horrific and tragic events from her life during a chat with Banged Up Abroad star Shaun Attwood on his YouTube channel and Jen Hopkins.

Life growing up in Warrington, Cheshire wasn't always easy on the soon-to-be budding Atomic Kitten star.

In the frank and open chat, Kerry described herself as being a "product of an affair" explaining that she only ever had her mum to depend on in life.

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According to the hitmaker, her mum Sue had led a very troubled and drug-fuelled life that would soon consume an impressionable and young Kerry.

Being honest about her days taking drugs, Kerry admitted that it "wasn't the industry" that had her hooked on taking illegal substances.

Instead she confessed in the candid discussion to taking drugs long before her career in the 90s hit girlband Atomic Kitten.

Explaining the situation and how she'd ended up taking drugs for the first time, Kerry said: "Oh my mum had a terrible life, she had a really bad life and she is just who she is and she drinks every day."

The chart topper added: "I had my first drug with my mum, I was 14, she told me it was sherbert and it was speed."

"No," chimed in stunned host Shaun and Jen.

Nodding along, the mum-of-five explained that at the time she'd only been allowed "supervised visits" with her mum.

With her mum being the "centre of her universe" Kerry decided to disobey instructions and "snuck off" to go and see her.

Thinking back, the singer told the hosts: "I snuck off to this pub to go and see her and she went into the toilet with her girlfriend, Tina at the time.

"I thought 'she's been in there for ages'

"I had this little pink top on, I used to have great t**s and I remember it said 'handle with care', I was only 14 but I was really well developed."

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The former hitmaker went on: "And she was in the toilet for ages and I thought 'what is she doing?' and I went in and said 'what are you doing?'

"She had this bag of white powder, she went like that [showcasing a scooping inside the bag motion] put her finger in and rubbed it on my gum."

Jen chirped back: "No, and it tastes like s*** doesn't it?"

Agreeing, Kerry told her: "Yeah and it was speed. So I didn't know any different.

"People just think that I f***ed my life up because I was in the industry but I was doing drugs well before I got into Atomic Kitten but I thought that was normal."

"I would save up my pocket money from my foster parents so that I could get a wrap of whizz," interjected the star.


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