Kay Burley celebrates return to Sky News after time off for breaking Covid rules

Kay Burley celebrates return to Sky News after time off for breaking Covid rules


Kay Burley has revealed she is returning to work at Sky News after six months – following her suspension for breaching lockdown rules.

The 60-year-old presenter, who used to host the Sky News breakfast show, confirmed she will be finally heading back to the studios on Monday, June 7.

The TV broadcaster has been expressing her excitement in going back to work and says she is "happy to be back" in the studio.

This comes after Burley was suspended last year in December 2020 for breaking lockdown rules as she celebrated her 60th birthday with friends when Coronavirus cases were spiralling.

Now after six months away from the news desk, Kay took to social media and seemed thrilled to tell her followers the big news.

Posting a photo on Twitter of herself wearing a white dress and heels with her hands waving in the air in celebration, Kay was clearly delighted to be back in business.

She tweeted: "See you on Monday. Hope you’re as happy as I am to be back."

A number of fans told Kay they were pleased to be welcoming the presenter back to her breakfast role, with one user tweeting: "I shall be watching Kay," whilst attaching a series of smiling-face emojis.

A second follower penned: "Happy that you are on your way back. No disrespect to the others, but it has not been the same."

A third fan also wrote in with a political request, adding: "Great – I hope you’re ready to hold our politician’s feet to the fire – desperately needed."

Kay was suspended from Sky last year after hosting a birthday dinner with ten people in attendance – briefly stopping by another restaurant to use the toilet before heading home in a taxi.

Kay then took to social media to apologise for breaking Covid rules during the birthday incident.

She wrote: "I made a big mistake, and I am sorry," she wrote in a lengthy post. "I have today agreed with Sky News to step back from my broadcasting role for a period of reflection.

"It's clear to me that we are all in the fight against Covid-19 and that we all have a duty to stick firmly by the rules."

It is thought Kay has blamed the situation on misunderstandings during the planning and organising of the milestone birthday dinner.

Telling social media she wrongly thought she was Covid-compliant, she tweeted: "It doesn't matter that I thought I was Covid-compliant on a recent social event. The fact is I was wrong, I made a big mistake, and I am sorry.

"Some dear friends and colleagues – some of the most talented and committed professionals in our business – have been pulled into this episode and I regret this enormously.

"I was one of the founding presenters on Sky News. No one is prouder of our channel's reputation, the professionals on our team, and the impact we make.

"I very much look forward to being able to continue my 32-year career with Sky when I return."

She also tweeted: "Evening everyone I want to apologise to you all for an error of judgment.

"On Saturday night I was enjoying my 60th birthday at a Covid compliant restaurant.

"I am embarrassed to say that later in the evening I inadvertently broke the rules."

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