Justin Timberlake Teases Possible Lizzo Collaboration with Behind-the-Scenes Video

Justin Timberlake Teases Possible Lizzo Collaboration with Behind-the-Scenes Video


J.T. shares just a snippet of him and Lizzo getting down to a quick jam in the studio, which is enough to make their fans go wild!

Is Justin Timberlake collaborating with Lizzo? ‘Cause he’s certainly in the studio with Lizzo and that makes us think he’s collaborating on something with Lizzo.

And that just leaves us with one question. Why don’t we have this music now!?

J.T. stirred up quite a bit of fan excitement Thursday afternoon by sharing a behind-the-scenes clip of him and Lizzo together during a recording session of what certainly appeared to be new music.

The snippet heard was just the phrase "Get that, get that" repeated like in a chorus, but both Lizza and Timberlake were totally getting down to it as if in a moment of triumph. Could that be the hook that on the song of the fall?

"…@Lizzo flames, brb," Timberlake captioned the video cryptically on Twitter, leaving fans hanging on the "brb." For the record, he has yet to be back, which just left fans with left fans with nothing else t do but "get that, get that" over and over again, commenting on and sharing the clip all over Twitter.

It’s possible Timberlake is just producing a Lizzo track, though it’s hard to imagine him not wanting to jump in there and jam with her a bit. Lizzo’s star is definitely on the rise and it was clear from the video how much J.T. was enjoying basking in her presence and musicality.

So why wouldn’t he take that to the next logical place and actually lay down some vocals with her. There are so many ways they could come together musically.

The Twittersphere seems pretty split on the idea of this whole collaboration, with half of them already ready to hear this music right now, while plenty of others aren’t at all thrilled to see Timberlake looking to work with another black female artist after what went down with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl.

As many have pointed out over the years, Jackson was effectively blacklisted for the "nipplegate" incident, while Timberlake suffered no career setbacks, nor do they believe he did enough to step up and defend Jackson against the biased backlash.

Check out some of the wildest and most passionate responses among the nearly 500 comments below and then join all of them in waiting breathlessly for whatever this is to come to fruition. And while we’re at it, can someone remind J.T. that the "r" in "brb" suggests you’ll be right back. As in we’re waiting!

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