Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey debuts bold hair transformation with glam snap

Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey debuts bold hair transformation with glam snap


Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey has debuted her bold new hair transformation.

The writer and activist took to Instagram to show off her newly sheared locks, stunning fans with her glamorous new snap.

Her 50,000 followers are used to seeing Honey with shoulder-length strawberry blonde waves, which she tends to wear loose around her face.

But now Honey has had her hair trimmed well above her shoulders and dyed a vibrant orange with blonde highlights, turned up at the tips.

In a glam snap, Honey donned a lime green vest top to show off her hair and bare back, along with her sweet tattoo of two women lying beside each other on her right shoulder.

Writing alongside the pic, Honey penned: "Change is good. Thank you for fulfilling my fruit salad fantasy @nosebleedsaresexy."

Honey had headed to Bleach London for her new ‘do, a salon famed for their bold colour choices – and it seems like Honey was in good hands.

Fans were clearly enamoured with her new look, with one posting: "Omg omg omg" with four fire emojis.

"Obsessed!" another gushed, as a third fan wrote: "I can see your neck!!!! It’s short short!! It’s beautiful short short!!"

Someone else posted: "Oh my god!! Yes!" with a cheeky peach emoji.

"That cut… that colour…" another social media user wrote with a fire emoji.

Posting to her Instagram Stories, the star could be seen with a plastic wrap over her head as pale dye covered her locks, wearing a pink face mask as she gazed into the camera.

And afterwards, Honey donned a pink corduroy jacket over her green top to take to the streets with her new haircut for the first time.

With her trademark glasses perched on her nose and mask still in place, Honey looked pleased with her transformation as she showed it off to followers for the first time, rocking a sweet silver necklace for the low-key pic.

Honey’s fringe just trailed over her eye for the picture, as the wind tossed her bright orange tresses over her shoulders.

Later, Honey went makeup free for a sweet video posted to her Stories, with her hair tucked behind her ears and an elf ear filter playfully attached to the sides of her head.

"I’m so cute!" Honey superimposed over the clip.

Honey spent time last week doing some life modelling for her pal, modelling a skimpy white bikini as she lounged on a plush chair, feet propped up on a pouffe.

Her pal wrote alongside the snap: "@honeykinny life model of my dreams!"

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