Janet Devlin wishes she cut off her boobs after brutal surgery backlash

Janet Devlin wishes she cut off her boobs after brutal surgery backlash


X Factor's Janet Devlin says she isn't happy with her boob job after fans gave her so much stick.

The stunning musician, 27, chatted exclusively to the Daily Star ahead of her It's Not That Deep tour which kicked off this week.

Janet decided to go under the knife last year in a bid to change her shape, though since she received so much backlash she is regretting her decision.

Talking on a Daily Star Facebook Live, Janet said: "I usually have to explain the whole process as to why I got it done but no one believes me anyway and they're like 'you wanted big boobies so you got them'.

"But I have a rib condition so it means I have these really prominent ribs and it was really getting me down because every time I wore these lovely gowns and dresses the first thing your eye would go towards is my ribs because they stick out so much further than my breasts at the time, which there was none of.

"So, I decided instead of getting corrective rib surgery because it sounds awful getting your ribs broken, I opted to get a breast augmentation instead to take the eyes away from my ribs and to balance out my body a little bit.

She continued: "But I regret every minute of it from reading comments online.

"At this point, I just wish got all my boobs cut off and just left it like that and got everything taken off and went full-on androgynous because the amount of pain I get from people, I'm like 'this is not worth it'.

Janet added: "I've seen people send me screenshots from Subreddits all this kind of stuff where they're like 'she just got them because she wanted them to be big,' and even if I did, why is it your business?"

The X Factor star also said she used to strip off for promo shoots because she "didn't have anything there" so it didn't matter.

The singer shared: "When I used to take my clothes off for stuff it's because I had none and I was like 'it's fine because I've got the body of a prepubescent teenage boy'.

"But I've got them it's nobody's business, you don't get to see them."

Janet confirmed that she is done with surgery and won't be opting for anymore despite cruel fans commenting on her nose.

She said: "I think that's it for me, I don't really care too much about surgery I think my followers hate my nose but I don't want to get my nose broken. It doesn't seem worth it."

Janet is also very popular on TikTok and often shares hilarious videos on her profile, one recently she gave advice to her fans with a small derriere.

She laughed: "Honestly I have no but at all no matter how many squats I've done so I'm all about sharing secrets so if I find a pair of leggings that make it look like I've got any resemblance of a but I'm like 'here you go, guys'.

"Since my breast augmentation I'm literally shaped like an AirPod, which is great, I love my life."

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