Is Kanye West Apologizing to Jay-Z on ‘Brothers’? Listen to New Track

Is Kanye West Apologizing to Jay-Z on ‘Brothers’? Listen to New Track


Many fans believe that the ‘Gold Digger’ hitmaker’s verse on the ‘Tales’ soundtrack is an apology to the Tidal owner, while some others assume it’s about Virgil Abloh.

AceShowbiz -It looks like his beef with Jay-Z is something that Kanye West really regrets in his life that a direct apology is apparently not enough for him. The Good Music founder recently lent his voice for the soundtrack of BET’s show “Tales“, collaborating with Charlie Wilson on a track entitled “Brothers”. His verse on this song particularly made headlines as many believe that it’s an apology to Jay.

Kanye can be heard singing on the song, “So I’m sorry for all the miscues, how about I admit that I miss you, I miss the fam and our brotherhood/ Flying out to Paris for a hug or picking up the phone just to call up/ Nothing so atomic that we can’t agree to drop it, peace it up and get it poppin’, and bury the hatchet so we can lock in.”

Hearing the song, fans couldn’t help but assume that his lyrics were meant to the “4:44” rapper, with whom Kanye had an up-and-down relationship over the years. “This is to Jay-Z it’s like an apology to your big brother,” one fan said. “All jokes aside it’s no doubt he’s talking about Jay Z,” another convinced fan commented, while there were some who thought that the song was about Virgil Abloh. However, one had debunked it by saying that the Yeezy founder is still close with the designer.

Kanye and Jay were first feuding after the latter and wife Beyonce Knowles failed to attend Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014. The “Gold Digger” hitmaker admitted he was hurt by the snub, before calling out the “Empire State of Mind” rapper during an onstage rant in 2016. In the following year, Jay dissed Kanye on track “Kill Jay-Z”, prompting Kanye to cut all ties with his streaming service company Tidal.

They have since gotten past their beef and become friends again.

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