Hugo Hammond baffles fans with painful to watch Love Islander rating system

Hugo Hammond baffles fans with painful to watch Love Islander rating system


PE teacher Hugo Hammond has long since been branded the most ‘cringe’ Love Island star of the series – but now he’s outdone himself, with an Islander ‘rating system’ fans have branded "painful to watch".

From being stranded on ‘Friendship Island’ to calling his own romance with Amy Day "tragic" as she stood next to him, Hugo hasn’t been able to escape the label.

But his latest TikTok video has proved a step too far for some fans, as Hugo devised a quasi rating system to list the pros and cons of his fellow contestants.

Hugo was clearly having plenty of fun with fellow Love Island pals Sharon Gaffka, Lucinda Strafford and Lillie Haynes as they reunited after the show.

He headed out with the trio of girls and posted the TikTok, which showed the four of them dancing alone with text boxes embossed over the top.

As Lillie bopped for the camera in a tiny orange crop top and denim shorts, Hugo wrote over the top: "Lillie – Casa.

"Strengths – natural leggy blonde, grafting Liam.

"Weaknesses – the word reciprocated, grafting Liam."

Lucinda, meanwhile, rocked a darker pair of shorts and silk white vest top, paired with white trainers, with the captions: "Lucinda – bombshell."

He cheekily added: "Strengths – eyes, PLT deal.

"Weaknesses – realllllayyyy, Brad vs. Aaron."

Sharon, who could be seen out on the street rocking a black crop top and trousers for a quick bop before collapsing into giggles, read: "Sharon – OG.

"Strengths – licking ear lobes, Miss International.

"Weaknesses – Aaron’s sex appeal, sister zone" – referring to their own doomed romance on the show.

Hugo, of course, wasn’t leaving himself out of the firing zone, as he cheekily wrote alongside his own dancing clip: "Hugo – OG.

"Strengths – friendship, being himself.

"Weaknesses – Love Island, girls, Aftersun."

He captioned the clip: "Exposing the gang."

Hugo isn’t afraid to laugh at himself, and seems to be fully embracing the cringe, especially after he rowed with Amy live on Aftersun about him being her "green card into the villa".

Nevertheless, the video left some fans hiding behind their hands.

"This is painful to watch," one commented alongside the clip, as another chimed in: "No I actually feel ill!"

"I’m cringing, they all need to stop!" someone else begged.

But plenty more fans found the video unironically hilarious, and commented in their droves to show Hugo some love, as one commented: "This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!"

Someone else echoed: "I’m actually weak, Lucinda’s PLT deal!"

"I don’t care, I’ll forever love Hugo, like look at him!" another fan posted, while a fourth penned: "The way he’s actually good at TikTok!"

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