Hollyoaks Sarah Jayne Dunn strips to lingerie in OnlyFans pic as she slams soap

Hollyoaks Sarah Jayne Dunn strips to lingerie in OnlyFans pic as she slams soap


Sacked Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn has taken a swipe at Channel 4 bosses by comparing her banned OnlyFans content to their approved racy lads' mags shoots.

The stunning 40-year-old, who played Mandy on the soap for 25 years, was sacked after joining adult site OnlyFans, but claims the images are no racier than ones she did before.

To prove the soap’s hypocrisy, Sarah Jayne's latest revealing snaps compare a previous racy photo with a more recent one from her OnlyFans account.

"Two almost identical photos taken just under 4 years apart," she captioned the post.

Taking to her Instagram account, Sarah Jayne explained that the only difference between the snaps is who was in control, creatively and financially.

Sarah Jayne said: "The first photo: Arranged by someone else for a national publication, style of shoot decided by someone else, any editing/photoshop done without my approval, copyright of image (of me) owned by someone else, exclusive interview as agreement of shoot, no financial benefit to myself."

She added: "The control, power and decisions in someone else's hands." The actor then commented on the alleged difference with the production of the other photo.

"The second photo: taken by me for my OnlyFans platform, choice of image decided by me, zero editing or photoshop, copyright of image owned by me."

The first shows Sarah Jayne posing in red lingerie for a magazine shoot, several years ago. She's seen in a similar pose for the OnlyFans photo, which features a black G-string.

The mum-of-three continued: "Despite no interview necessary for this particular shot when I do interviews now it's because I want to, financial gains controlled by me and go to me. The control, power and decisions made by me. Interesting. #knowyourworth #ownyourpower #takingbackcontrol.”

A spokesperson for the show said at the time that it doesn't allow cast members to be active on certain 18+ websites, due to having a young audience who follow the cast closely.

Sarah Jayne however previously posed for lads mags and the show's calendar – telling GB News in November: "I'm not doing anything different to what I've done over the years."

The post comes after Sarah Jayne allegedly turned down the opportunity to return to the Channel 4 soap after she was sacked.

According to reports, she has turned her back on the show, despite bosses leaving the door open for her by not killing off her character of 25 years.

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