Erasure Team Up With Drag Stars for 'Nerves of Steel' Video

Erasure Team Up With Drag Stars for 'Nerves of Steel' Video


Erasure have released their latest single, “Nerves of Steel,” with a glammed-out music video starring a dozen or so drag queens and other LGBTQ stars, including some RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni. Detox, Manila Luzon, Amanda Lepore, Candis Cayne and more show off their glam looks in front of video screens.

“This is my favorite track from the album,” Erasure singer Andy Bell said. “I am truly honored that all our LGBTQIA+ friends were so creative during lockdown and helped us with this joyful video. Thanks for creating such a lovely piece of art!”

One of the video’s stars, Manila Luzon, said, “‘Nerves of Steel’ evokes the butterfly feelings I remember when first falling in love and nothing else in the world mattered — pure excitement and electricity.”

Detox added, “Erasure has been an integral part of my queer soundtrack from early on and it was a tremendous honor to be included in their new work!”

“Nerves of Steel” will appear on Erasure’s upcoming album, The Neon, out August 21st via Mute. The LP takes inspiration from the pop groups of Bell and Vince Clarke’s childhood. “It was about refreshing my love — hopefully our love — of great pop,” Bell said. “I want kids now to hear these songs! I wanted to recharge that feeling that pop can come from anyone.”

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