Elvis Presley’s forbidden romance with Nancy Sinatra on set of Speedway

Elvis Presley’s forbidden romance with Nancy Sinatra on set of Speedway


Tom Jones recalls meeting Elvis Presley in Las Vegas

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In 1964 Elvis Presley starred alongside Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas, starting a passionate love affair that lasted little more than a year. After the couple were torn apart by Presley’s commitment to his new wife, Priscilla Presley, he continued on working with other Hollywood actresses in each of his films. In what would be his final year on screen, Elvis played Steve Grayson in 1968’s Speedway.

Opposite him was the daughter of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra.

As soon as the pair met they hit it off famously.

Elvis was always one to flirt with his co-workers – especially the women he had on-screen romances with – and that didn’t change with Nancy.

Pal of Elvis, Marty Lacker, confirmed: “Of course, he was putting the moves on Nancy Sinatra… I guess you could say they had a flirtatious romance on the movie.”

Although a relationship between Elvis and Nancy would have been a match made in heaven, she later revealed it could not have happened.

While attending an interview in 2004 Nancy was asked: “Did you and the King get it on?”

The star coyly replied: “I wish I could say yes, but no [it] didn’t happen.

“When we did the film, he was married and pregnant. There [were] very strict rules about that sort of thing.”

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On if the rules came from her family, Nancy responded: “I don’t know about my family… but with me.”

She smiled, before adding: “There was flirting, but just friendly flirting.”

When the star was asked who her dream dinner date would be in 2015, she replied: “Elvis.

“He always made me laugh. He was silly, funny and such a lovely guy to be around.”

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Nancy then revealed: “When we did our movie, he had a tandem [bicycle] made for the two of us.

“He’d say: ‘Nancy, let’s go for a ride’ and then we’d go off and within seconds all these Elvis fans would descend on us and we wouldn’t get more than a few minutes of cycling done. But it was fun. He loved life, he loved to laugh.”

The pair remained good friends for years and saw one another in passing in Vegas.

After Elvis died on August 16, 1977, Nancy did not attend the funeral.

Elvis’ manager, Joe Esposito, requested that Nancy stay away from the emotional event.

According to the Elvis History Blog, Nancy called Graceland to attend.

Esposito answered the phone and replied: “Please don’t come; it’s going to be impossible, stay home.”


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