Elvis Presley met three European princesses but turned down an invitation from The Queen

Elvis Presley met three European princesses but turned down an invitation from The Queen


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There could have been an iconic moment in history when The King met The Queen. On this day in 1962, Elvis Presley received a very special invitation from Her Majesty to come to the UK. As fans know, in the end the star only officially stepped foot on UK soil during a brief moment when his plane touched down to refuel at Prestwick airport, South Ayrshire in 1960 on his way home from military service in Germany. There are also rumours that he made another secret visit to London, but he certainly never met The Queen. Why? What happened?

Elvis was invited to join the all-star line-up at the 1962 Royal Variety Show. That year Bob Hope, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, and Eartha Kitt headlined.

It’s unlikely that The Queen actually picked up the phone herself, but the call was put through to Elvis’ management. And that is where the problem lay.

Apparently, Colonel Parker turned down the royal invitation flat. This will come as no surprise to Elvis fans, because his Svengali-like manager only let him leave the country very rarely, and then only to perform in Canada. It seems extraordinary that the biggest star in the world did not actually tour the world, but the received wisdom is that Dutch national Parker was an illegal alien in the US and did not want to risk leaving the country and not be permitted to return. Therefore he made sure Elvis was never booked to appear overseas.

However, Elvis did meet other European princesses and was also rumoured to have made a secret visit to London.

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