Elvis’ incredible generosity – King’s cousin shares five more facts

Elvis’ incredible generosity – King’s cousin shares five more facts


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Danny Smith had the privilege of spending his childhood living at Graceland where his father Billy Smith, Elvis Presley’s cousin, worked for The King as one of his original Memphis Mafia members. The generous star purchased a trailer for The Smiths to live on his Memphis mansion’s estate and Danny would enjoy hours playing with Lisa Marie and the other kids all over the grounds, often riding around on golf carts. The singer’s close relative has shared five more little-known facts, highlighting just how kind Elvis was and also how silly he could be indulging Lisa Marie with their mischievous antics together.

Speaking on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel Danny said: “When Elvis bought our trailer and took Mom and Daddy out shopping for furniture, he actually had got metal peacocks and he nailed one through the wall, hung it himself, with a hammer, straight through the peacock. [On another occasion] Elvis had rode the three-wheelers up with Daddy and some of the other guys and watched me practice football… Elvis named m,e and I’m damn proud of it, Danny Mack.”

The King’s relative then shared a hilarious story about Lisa’s pony and how unbelievingly generous the star was to him.

Danny said: “Elvis led Lisa on her pony Fluffy, inside Graceland and actually inside.”

In another video, his father Billy shared how The King wasn’t strict on cleanliness, saying: “He led her around and then he decided he’d let everybody else see it so he opened the door and went right on in. He came with Lisa and the pony, right into the Jungle Room and then up around in the kitchen. I don’t know who cleaned the mess up but it wasn’t me! Nah it didn’t [poop] but he showed everybody and was proud of it.”

On The King’s generosity, Danny added: “When we were in Palm Springs, Elvis gave me, Rory and Laura and Lisa $500 to go shopping on.”

This is hardly surprising given that the star often gave cars away to friends and family and sometimes even strangers. His ex-Linda Thompson has also recounted how he gave her expensive jewellery sometimes even when it wasn’t Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary. In fact, Elvis was so generous during the festive period when he gave thousands away to charity that he was nicknamed Santa by his inner circle. 


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