Dolly Parton Revealed Which Age Was 'a Pinnacle' in Her Life

Dolly Parton Revealed Which Age Was 'a Pinnacle' in Her Life


Dolly Parton has lived an interesting and long life. The Queen of Country has an amazing career and made many accomplishments. She reflected on her life so far and revealed which age she considers to be “a pinnacle” for her.

How old is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton was born on Jan. 19, 1946. She grew up with a big family of 11 siblings. They also grew up without a lot of money in Sevier County, Tennessee.

They didn’t have running water or electricity in their one-room cabin. Money was so tight that Parton’s parents gave the doctor oatmeal to pay for her birth, according to

Her family members also sang and played music. This inspired Parton to become the country music star that she is today. She started out on The Porter Wagoner Show in the 1960s then went solo. Parton is still going strong by releasing new music, producing movies and TV shows, and having other businesses in her name. Her journey is an incredible one, but she says there is one age that really felt like a culmination of all of her hard work.

Dolly Parton revealed which age was ‘a pinnacle’ in her life

Parton has certainly lived an interesting life. She was asked what age she thinks of herself as in 2016, which made her 70 years old at the time. The songwriter had two answers.

“I’m 16 in some ways,” she told the BBC. “I’m still a hopeless romantic! But I’m 35 in my spirit and in my mind. When I was 35, it was a pinnacle, a great time in my life – success and happiness and all that. And so I just decided ‘I’m gonna claim that number and always be that in my state of mind.’”

One reason Parton answered 16 is because she has a song called “I’m Sixteen.” But that song is about her sister finding love at 60. The lyrics are all about feeling young again when you find love.

What happened when Dolly Parton was 35? 

Parton was 35 years old in 1981. At that time, her acting career was starting to take off because 9 to 5 was released a year earlier. She went on to release The Best Little Wh–house in Texas the next year. 

She was also busy in the previous year when it came to releasing music. She released the albums Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs that year. She also won her second and third Grammy that year for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for “9 to 5.” 

So it’s not surprising Parton would say 35 was a pinnacle in her life. She went on to be in more movies and won more Grammys from there.

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