Daptone, Finnish Label Timmion Preview Soul Comp With Wanda Felicia Gem ‘Until You’re Mine’

Daptone, Finnish Label Timmion Preview Soul Comp With Wanda Felicia Gem ‘Until You’re Mine’


Daptone Records and the Helsinki, Finland-based soul label Timmion Records teased their upcoming compilation, Bad Education, with a beautifully beseeching new song, “Until You’re Mine,” from Wanda Felicia and the Timmion house band Cold Diamond & Mink.

“Until You’re Mine” boasts a drum and bass groove that moves with a soulful skip beneath a vintage blend of slick guitar lines, crisp horns and bubbling organ. Felicia delivers a vocal performance packed with emotion, but ultimately values restraint over bombast: “I build my whole world around you,” she sings, “Don’t know how I could ever do without you/But there’s just one thing I know/I won’t ever let go until you…/Are all mine.”

In a statement, Daptone co-founder and owner Neal Sugarman said, “Timmion Records has secured their place in the history of soul music as one of the great indie labels creating raw emotional, soulful music, and Wanda Felicia’s ‘Until You’re Mine’ is proof of that. Her singing is raw and natural without relying on the added inflection and vocal acrobatics that most modern singers have adapted to cover up for the lack of a solid melody that good, simple song writing should have.”

“Until You’re Mine” marks the debut single from Felicia, who spent her career pursuing music and art while also working in the fashion industry. She’s set to release her debut album on Timmion later this year.

Timmion Records is run by Sami Kantelinen and Jukka Sarapää, who also perform in Cold Dimaond & Mink and the Soul Investigators. Over the past 15 years, the label has released singles and albums from an eclectic mix of artists, including the U.S.-born, Finland-based singer Nicole Willis, New Orleans singer Willie West and the Finnish trumpeter Jukka Eskola.

Bad Education offers an overview of Timmion’s output, and is available to pre-order ahead of its July 19th release. Prior to sharing “Until You’re Mine,” Timmion and Daptone offered up a four-song sampler for Bad Education, which included tracks from Willis and the Soul Investigators, Pratt and Moody, Jonny Benavides and the debut single from Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman.

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