Danielle Lloyd planning to get ‘designer vagina’ after she gives birth to baby 5

Danielle Lloyd planning to get ‘designer vagina’ after she gives birth to baby 5


Mum of four Danielle Lloyd admits she is considering having surgery to achieve a “designer vagina” after her fifth child is born.

The former glamour model, 37, previously swore off surgery after a botched boob job back in 2012 left her fighting for her life.

However, in 2019 she then flew out to to Turkey for another boob job as well as a Brazilian butt lift.

She is four months pregnant with her fifth baby, but Danielle is already planning cosmetic surgery.

The stunning mum says she is looking into having a vaginoplasty done to make life much ‘easier’ once baby number five arrives.

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The surgical procedure is carried out to tighten the vaginal entrance, and can cost up to £4,000.

Danielle told Closer magazine: “I’d get a vaginoplasty – why not! I'll have had five kids.

“I have tried that Femi-wand thing – a tool which uses ultrasound to tighten your vagina. That has definitely helped, but when you have had babies, it all changes down there.”

“You could sneeze and end up wetting yourself. So, after this baby, I'll probably need a designer vagina.”

The star says she is being open about her thoughts about vaginoplasty as she wants to raise awareness in new mums.

“Vaginoplasty isn’t really spoken about and women are made to feel ashamed about it, but I’m sure men aren’t complaining and they would get something done down there if they could,” she says.

“It shouldn’t be taboo, so I'm being open and honest about it. I’d get one.”

In total Danielle has had 10 boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, a nose job, eye lifts, and fillers.

The beauty says her love of surgery is down to her battle with body dysmorphia.

However, she insists that during pregnancy, she doesn’t care about her looks and baby comes first.

“I’m not really bothered about a little extra cellulite or an extra few pounds.

“I’m growing a baby!”

She is currently mum to four boys, and admits she is still hoping that the next baby will be a little girl.

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