Dan Osborne calls vaccine passports top class bulls*** in latest anti-vax rant

Dan Osborne calls vaccine passports top class bulls*** in latest anti-vax rant


Actress Jacqueline Jossa and her husband Dan Osborne, 30, hit out at the government over their recent announcement that Covid vaccine passports would be introduced later this year.

The former Towie star and his actress wife shared a tweet to both their Instagram Stories which complained about the recent news.

The tweet read: "How about passports and mandatory QR codes for pedophiles [sic.] and rapists? Oh, that's right. It goes against their human rights and it's an invasion of their privacy.

"Paedophiles are safer than the unvaccinated! [sic.]"

Dan then commented on the message, which said: "Worlds [sic.] a f***ing mess. Absolute joke."

The reality star then later told for his 1.1million Instagram: "Basically blackmailing people into having a jab if they really want life to go back to 'normal', even to go to nightclubs or most countries in the world on holiday…

"Proper top class bulls***."

His wife Jacqueline then added: "Freedom? Really? World has gone mad."

From September the government will want proof that you have been fully vaccinated so you can get into large ticketed events.

There are also talks of having to show a Covid passport for entering some capacity pubs and restaurants with PM Boris Johnson not “ruling anything out.”

Dan has been outspoken in recent months over the government’s effort to tackle the Covid-19 crisis.

Last month, he ranted to his Instagram followers about refusing the Covid vaccine and said: "I've said it from day one. People are going to have a go at me, but the whole thing is about money.The whole damn thing.

"I've had hundreds, maybe thousands of messages about kids getting the vaccination.

"Personally that s*** isn't even going in me – never mind my kids.

"People do your research, it's not good.

"That's just my opinion, it's my Instagram I should be able to say what I want."

Dan and Jacqueline share two children Ella, six, and Mia, two, meanwhile, the ex-Towie star shares a son Teddy, seven, from a previous relationship.

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