Courtney Love Reveals Marilyn Manson Rescued Her From Addiction and Despair

Courtney Love Reveals Marilyn Manson Rescued Her From Addiction and Despair


In a moving birthday post to musician Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love revealed he, along with her family, helped to get her to a detox center and finally get off drugs.

She described the depths of despair she experienced, admitting she was at the end of her rope while dealing with the Ross Butler drama. Love, Butler, and Britney Spears’s former manager Sam Lutfi were accused of conspiring to steal Kurt Cobain’s guitar, Teen Vogue reports. The instrument was in the possession of Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband Isaiah Silva.

Silva accused the trio of “conspiracy to commit trespass, burglary, home invasion, robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping, and murder.” In Love’s latest post, she described being in a horrific purgatory, only brought back to reality thanks to Manson.

Courtney Love recalled being in a low place in her life

Love wrote that she was being gaslit and robbed. “In LA at the end of my using 2 and a half years ago, trying to plan my escape from that crazy asshole (see my description of 2020, previous post) who was controlling all my phone, email, any contact with the outside world, was ‘moving’ 100s of 1000s of dollars a month through rosses his roommates bank accounts (Ross entirely complicit, is what the forensic accountants told us, along with my accountant, Karen) and telling me I had no money at all to eat, pay rent, nothing,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I had no credit, no Uber, no method of transport, I’d have taken the bus in la, I just didn’t even have ANY, cash, I lived under a reign of suicidal terror.
And was at the end of my rope.”

That’s when she shared that Manson and her family saved her. “It was Manson who rescued me,” she continued. “Manson who stuck his neck out and sent a car for me every night. Planned my escape. Manson (and my daughter, my sister @jamrz and @lanadelrey who helped me get to a place to detox off the staggering, 15 bars a day, Xanax habit that monster had me on) I’ll never forget that.”

“It was brave, and it was kind,” she added. “And hanging out with you every night was my only human connection for months. You made me start to feel human again. Thank you my brother. I’ll always have your kind, gentle-hearted, true artists back.”

Courtney Love remembered the ‘Beautiful Monsters’ tour

Love also referenced their 1999 “Beautiful Monsters” tour that turned sour and messy. “I’m sorry that one tour didn’t work out, (the kids think we’re stuck on some 90s moment with that tour, and aren’t aware of the incredible, inclusiveness you have shown me over the years),” Love wrote in her post. Adding, “I love you.”

The Manson / Hole tour was designed to fill concert stadium seats but Love and Manson weren’t on good terms at times. “This was the managers’ and booking agents’ idea,” Dave Wyndorf from the opening band, Monster Magnet told Louder Sound. “Those bands needed each other to fill those stadiums and arenas, the managers knew that, but their egos wouldn’t allow them to admit it.”

“The two of them had never met a controversy they couldn’t stir up,” former MTV staff writer Gil Kaufman shared. “They both wanted headlines, they both wanted to be the biggest rock star in the world. How do you do that? By sucking all the oxygen out of the room and leaving nothing for anyone else.”

The tour ended up being cut short when Manson slipped and broke his ankle. “Gasoline with an open flame can’t help but combust,” Kaufman remarked. “That was the genius of that tour. You never knew whether or not it was going to be the last night. Who knew what was going to happen? Whatever it was, you knew you’d have a story to tell.”

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