Bring it On stars now – Americas Got Talent axe, £7m payday and sudden death

Bring it On stars now – Americas Got Talent axe, £7m payday and sudden death


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Bring It On has been one of the most successful series out there with six huge films, huge stars and a huge profit raked in from the franchise which first started in 2000.

The original film, starring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, became a cult classic for many fans, and sparked the success of the series over nearly two decades, with the latest instalment released in 2017.

Looking back at the original actors, many have gone on to become Hollywood megastars, while others have faced struggles off-screen – with the cast even being rocked by a shock death.

To celebrate Bring It On 21 years later, Daily Star Online has looked at what the original members of the film are up to.

Kirsten Dunst

Kristen has appeared in a handful of blockbuster movies following her time on Bring It On, including the Spider-Man franchise and Marie Antoinette.

Despite landing roles outside of Bring It On, Kirsten has struggled in the years that followed, adding that she believes people just think she's the girl from Bring It On.

She is still incredible successful and has appeared in TV series over the years, and also welcomed her first child in 2018 with husband Jesse Plemons, before announcing her second pregnancy in 2021.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has had an incredibly successful career with stints in Bad Boys 2, Being Mary Jane, LA's Finest and Breaking In – and she was also a judge on America's Got Talent for one season.

She was fired from the network after one season and later launched a lawsuit over misconduct and racial discrimination on the show.

NBC and Union reached an "amicable resolution" they stated in a joint statement last year, adding that the network remains "committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive working environment".

Eliza Dushku

Eliza is known for her time on both Bring It On and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she was also signed on to play a major role in three episodes of CBS show Bull, with plans to make her a full-time cast member.

However, after comments that made her uncomfortable during her time on the show from the show's star Michael Weatherly, and after she confronted him, she was written out of the show.

After she was written out, she went through mediation with CBS and a settlement was agreed of $9.5million (£6.9m).

Although Eliza hasn't appeared in any blockbuster films in recent years, she has still focused on work elsewhere, as she focuses on activism and has recently welcomed her second baby.

Jesse Bradford

Jesse took on multiple roles after his time on Bring It On, though most of them were in the noughties, though he has featured in the 2017 series of Shooter.

His focus aside from acting appears to be travelling with his wife, Andrea Watrouse and the pair announced they were expecting their first baby earlier this year.

Andrea gave birth to their baby Maggie on May 29, 2021.

Shamari DeVoe

Shamari is best known for being in the pop/R&B girl group Blaque, which is still going strong today.

While she hasn't appeared in a wide range of films, she did make her debut on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but stepped down due to "poor editing".

She appeared on season 11 of the show but reportedly wasn't happy with how she was portrayed so chose to step down.

The beauty now posts about her life on Instagram to her 454,000 followers, with her husband, her twins and her glamorous looks often popping up on her profile.

Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman appeared in Bring It On as Torrance's boyfriend, and elsewhere in his acting career he appeared in Legally Blonde as a small role.

His last movie was Teenage Caveman, released two years after his role in Bring It On, with the actor starring in a total of 17 movies and TV shows, according to IMDB.

Hillman died at the age of 34 in 2009, though a cause of death was not reported.

Clare Kramer

Clare Kramer is best known for her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bring It On, and in the years that followed she continued appearing in various films and TV shows.

In 2019 she gained a credit in The Dead Ones and shortly before that appeared in The Lost Trees, making it a horror trio, the year prior she also took part in Tales of Halloween.

Clare, who is a mother-of-four, also hosts podcast Take Five with Clare Kramer.

Nicole Bilderback

Nicole has certainly focused on her activism and fight for equality over the years, which you'll find many details about through her Instagram.

She is one of the few cast members who is still actively referencing her time on the show, and yet is still very active within the industry.

Nicole is currently featuring in new series Cruel Summer, which is currently streaming, with season 2 set to come in 2022.

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