Ashley Cain and Safiyya have set up a charity in their daughter Azaylia’s name

Ashley Cain and Safiyya have set up a charity in their daughter Azaylia’s name


Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee are going to be donating £1.6million raised by fans to a brand new charity in honour of their late baby girl Azaylia.

The couple’s daughter, who died last month, fought a heart-wrenching battle with an aggressive form of the blood cancer leukaemia.

The brave little girl made fans and supporters all over the world as her footballer dad Ashley and social media star mum Safiyya shared her story on their social media accounts.

As the couple continue to mourn the devastating loss of their beautiful daughter, they have decided to try put their efforts into doing good with the money raised.

Azaylia, who died at just eight months old, touched millions of people in her short life, as her mum and dad regularly posted images and videos of the beautiful little one smiling and grinning, as she lived every day all while in unimaginable pain.

And in a new statement on her GoFundMe page, which Azaylia’s parents had tried to use to raise money for lifesaving treatment, Ashley and Safiyya told followers how they planned to move forward.

The heartbreaking post began: “To all our amazing supporters, we wanted to – firstly – send our heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated money, made and sent gifts, commented, prayed and showered our family with love and strength during the toughest days of our lives.

"Azaylia joined the angels in heaven on Saturday, April 24, after the most courageous battle with AML. She showed her heart, strength and determination every step of the way and we are so so proud of her.”

The statement continued to say that during her short life on earth, Azaylia had brought so many people together, and even created her own community.

The little “lion’s” story even reached The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, who shared a heartfelt message of support to the struggling family.

What’s more, Ashley and Safiyya are hopeful that talking about childhood cancer and bringing the horrific disease to the forefront will help raise awareness and prevent children from having to suffer in the way Azaylia did in the future.

"The amount of money needed for Azaylia’s potential treatment in Singapore was raised in just 24 hours,” the star couple went on. “That money can sadly no longer be used to help Azaylia but we want to make sure it is used positively – and in Azaylia’s name.

"After days of emotional yet careful consideration we have decided that, firstly, we would like to use some to give Azaylia a magical and deserving send off – something that we believe you would all want to be a part of.

"Secondly, we will use the remaining money to help other children through a new charity we are setting up in Azaylia’s name. She has guided us throughout this process and it only feels right that we continue to use the platform we built together to help those in similar situations.”

Azaylia’s parents finished their statement by assuring fans they will spend the rest of their lives spreading their little girl’s “message of hope and strength” to everyone who may need it.

“We will ensure she lives on until the day we are able to hold her again in paradise,” the couple finished.

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