Accused Nipsey Hussle Murder Getaway Car Driver Offered Police Protection Amid Death Threats

Accused Nipsey Hussle Murder Getaway Car Driver Offered Police Protection Amid Death Threats


A woman accused of driving the getaway car used during rapper Nipsey Hussle‘s murder is reportedly in fear for her life after receiving numerous death threats. Now police are offering her protection, according to grand jury testimony obtained by TMZ.

The woman, identified only as Witness 1 in court documents, told an LAPD detective that she has been receiving death threats in retaliation for the March murder. Authorities deemed these threats legitimate after a brief investigation.

Investigators say her license plate number has been distributed on social media following the murder of the 33-year-old California-based rapper, and that descriptions of her physical appearance and car are circulating online as well.

Detectives within the LAPD deemed the woman’s protection “very important,” with TMZ reporting that police may possibly relocate her into hiding.

As of Friday, it is still unclear whether the woman has accepted authorities’ offer of protective custody.

According to the outlet, the woman told the grand jury that she was “hanging out” with the rapper’s alleged shooter, Eric Holder, on March 31 when the two pulled into the strip mall where Nipsey Hussle’s clothing store was located.

The woman then said Holder told her to park behind the store and wait, but not before retrieving a semi-automatic handgun prior to exiting the vehicle.

That’s when authorities say Holder made his way through an alleyway to the storefront where he then allegedly shot at the rapper before fleeing back to the car. She also admitted to the grand jury of being in a romantic relationship with Holder.

Police have not charged the woman for her role in Nipsey’s murder. Court documents obtained by TMZ show she testified under “immunity agreement,” meaning none of her testimony can be used against her.

In May, Holder was indicted for Nipsey Hussle’s murder by a grand jury. He pled not guilty to the crime.

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