You Can Stay In Bella Swan’s House From ‘Twilight’ Now & Here’s How To Book It

You Can Stay In Bella Swan’s House From ‘Twilight’ Now & Here’s How To Book It


Let’s be honest, if you’re a real fan of Twilight — or, rather, a Twi-hard — you’ve probably already seen the official Swan house IRL while attending one of the many filming location tours for the film from Washington to Oregon. But, you might not have ever put any thought into how to experience the film in a more tangible way. Aka, you’ve likely never spent time wondering if you could find a way to spend the night in Bella Swan’s bedroom, fantastically recreating the franchises’s most iconic scenes IRL — sans mythic creatures, of course.

While once upon a time this concept might have seemed like a long shot, thanks to Airbnb’s wideswept popularity and trustworthiness, all kinds of special homes are making themselves available for guests to rent short term — even homes this iconic. The quaint, cozy, and perfectly Pacific Northwest-style home that Bella Swan so famously swooned and brooded in during the films has been maintained in a way that will be shockingly familiar for fans, without being too gimmicky for guests that haven’t seen each of the films twice.

Located in the Columbia River town of Saint Helens, Oregon, this classic 1930s home is only a five-minute walk to the river and historic town center, and a 45 minute drive from Portland, Oregon. At only $330 a night and with over 22 five-star reviews, this five bedroom home that can accommodate up to 10 people is a steal.

What’s more, its hosts have achieved ~superhost~ status, proving that the success of this rental is attributed to more than the novelty of its history. If you cruise through the reviews, you’ll find a combination of Twi-hards boasting about the dream-come-true nature of their stay and Oregon travelers who just really appreciated a clean nice house with helpful hosts. Just to be clear, you will find ~some~ Twilight paraphernalia in the home… like full-sized cut-outs of the characters… but other than that, the novelty of the house is just in how perfectly it is staged.

Here, you can imaging debuting your leg cast and sneaker combo for prom, as you coyly limp down these iconic steps, and as your father looks on, disapprovingly. (Because your prom date is an un-aging mythic creative, of course.)

Here, you can imagine having an awkward conversation with your dad about the birds and the bees.

Here, you can sleep while imagining your vampire lover magically appearing and watching over you, in a totally non-creepy way.

And if you’re team Jacob, you can sleep here. Though TBH, if you’re Team Jacob, you should probably sleep in the garage.

Here you imagine telling your dad that you’re going on a date with Edward Cullen. Then of course you can go outside and play baseball, as they do, though I highly discourage you from playing during a lightning storm because they are vampires and you are not.

Of course before you go, spend a lot of time fretting while looking out this window that was so iconically featured, particularly in New Moon.

Un-dying to stay here? Book this listing while you can. Considering the fact this it’s literally trending on Twitter, there’s likely limited availability.

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