Women have EIGHT different types of orgasm and here’s how you can achieve them

Women have EIGHT different types of orgasm and here’s how you can achieve them


We thought we knew it all about sex, including the best position to do it in the heat without breaking into a sweat.

But, apparently we still have so much to learn as a sex expert has revealed women can have eight different types of orgasm.

Yes, you read that right, eight. We’ve clearly got a lot of new things to try …

Ann Summer’s sexpert Jodie Slee revealed the range of ways to get yours to celebrate National Orgasm Day (Wednesday 31 July) including the 'blended' and 'a-spot' orgasm, and we are intrigued.

The first two, and most obvious, orgasms are the clitoral and g-spot climax. The next is a blended orgasm, which Jodie described as, “The stimulation of more than one erogenous zone for a more powerful” one.

Jodie also claimed there is also such thing is an anal orgasm and added: “The anus is flooded with nerve endings and the anal nerve moves through the same nerve that serves the clitoris.

"Further up into the rectum, stimulation will be picked up by the pelvic nerve, which is the nerve that responds to stimulation of the vagina and cervix”.

Not to be confused with the anal variety, there is also such thing as an a-spot orgasm. Nope, we’ve never heard of it either.

But, Jodie described it as: “A collection of cells called the Anterior Fornix, located a few inches above the G-Spot, requiring a very large penis (or large dildo) to reach it. The cervix can block the A-spot, which can make it difficult to find – but it is worth it. You need to go deep!”

You can also climax with your nipples, Jodie claimed: “Nipples have plenty of nerve endings too, sensations from the nipples travel to the same areas of the brain that sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix do, meaning some women can have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone.”

And, if you thought you can’t get any enjoyment from exercise you’d be oh so wrong because there is such a thing as a coregasm, which is rumoured to come from exercise like pilates, or any activities that involves squeezing your thighs together.

"I suspect friction from repeated movements in fitted gym wear can also play a part!" she added.

They say dreams come true, and if your dream is a sexual climax then you're in luck as Jodie said there is such thing as a fantasy orgasm.

Women can get theirs without any physical stimulation, but just simply using your thoughts, while "some lucky women can orgasm in their sleep!".

If you've got major climax FOMO, then don't fear as the sexpert said "no orgasm is superior to the other".

But, if you're now determined to try them all – who isn't?! – Jodie suggested to experiment with your partner as it "can play a really important part in making a sexual relationship more satisfying".

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