Woman looks unrecognisable after faceplanting kerb and needing 17 stitches

Woman looks unrecognisable after faceplanting kerb and needing 17 stitches


A woman has revealed her painful injuries that have left her unrecognisable after she face planted a curb.

Abbi Diamond has shared that she needed a whopping 17 stitches to her face after she tripped and fell.

The brunette has been left with a pair of extremely red bruised puffy eyes which barely makes her eyeballs visible.

She also has been left in a gnarly wound in between her eyebrows.

Abbi explained in a TikTok video, that has now racked up 5.2 million views, that she was walking along with her horse when she sustained her injuries.

She said: “I tripped over and fell and because I had my horse in my hand I couldn't put my hands out to catch myself as I held on to her (my horse).”

“So my face took the full brunt of the fall and I literally went face first into a curb."

Luckily for Abbi, her face is set to heal without any lasting disfigurement.

“There is no permanent damage, nothing is broken, just two bruised eyes and 17 stitches.”

Despite her graphic looking injuries, Abbi has remained in high spirits.

“I will literally be fine in 10 days so it's not a big deal,” she urged.

After posting her battered face on TikTok, many people jumped to the conclusion that Abbi had been in a fight.

But, Abbi confirmed that she is just “clumsy.”

She reiterated: “No foul play at all. I really am this clumsy.”

Thankfully for Abbi, after seven days of recovery her extremely swollen eyes have appeared to have settled down.

In a separate video, the young woman posted a day by day recovery video to document how her face healed.

Painfully, on day four, Abbi’s face seems to get progressively worse as her whole face started to swell.

But, on day seven, despite sporting yellow and red bruising around her eyes, the swelling has mostly disappeared.

Let’s hope Abbi makes a full recovery!

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