Woman defies troll who told her to go on diet by flaunting curves in bikini

Woman defies troll who told her to go on diet by flaunting curves in bikini


A body positive influencer slammed a cruel troll who told her to “go on a diet”.

Karina Irby highlighted the vile comment, which reads: “If my women looked like you I’d put her on a diet. Immediately.”

But instead of letting the negativity get her down, the Australian swimwear designer proudly posed in a bright yellow bikini.

In a care-free snap taken at the beach, she throws her arms up into the air and soaks up the sun.

And to hit back at the keyboard warrior, Karina captioned the post: “If? Well that requires you actually getting a girlfriend in the first place.

“This is a prime example of WHY I post about cellulite, tummies and eczema.”

Karina continued: “Because some women think they need to look a certain way and some men assume we all look like sex dolls.


“And if a man is turned off by a little cellulite then 100% the only relationship he’s ever had is with his hand. Just sayin’.”

Karina’s post garnered more than 26,800 likes – and many agreed with her message.

One commenter said: "Let’s hope no women ever gets with a man with this attitude. You are awesome."

Another remarked: "If a man is turned off by a little cellulite, then he’s 100% not a man but a little boy."

A third wrote: "Wow I’d like to think that their partner would dump their a*** straight away!"

And a fourth added: "You make me so comfortable in my own skin! Thank you for being an inspiration daily."

Karina, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, spoke to the Daily Star about her platform this week.

She admitted that she feels "like Superwoman" for posting candid bikini pictures online – and refusing to let the haters win.

Karina told us: “The only reason I love to screenshot and post some really nasty comments is because I want to prove to the people watching that people can call you any name they want but it’s up to you whether you take it on board or not. The option is there for you not to.

“At the end of the day, you can have a dance, shake it off and make fun of the situation instead of taking it personally and getting quite upset…

“If I could come face to face with someone that’s being nasty on the internet I would really love to remind them that we’re all human, not that they would listen.

“I’d say ‘I’m sure you’ve battled your own wars and I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on in your own head and that’s maybe why you feel the need to lash out on other people but just don’t, be nice. Being kind is free, sprinkle that sh** everywhere.’”

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