Woman asks for honest opinions of dog tattoo – and some say its x-rated

Woman asks for honest opinions of dog tattoo – and some say its x-rated


A woman recently posted on Reddit after being insulted over her tattoo.

The barmaid was upset because people said the inking of her dog looked rude – even though it was perfectly innocent.

Anonymously, the woman posted on Reddit with a snap of the tattoo asking whether anyone thought the Labrador looked x-rated.

She explained that some of the customers at her bar job has been “mean” and “disgusting” about the cute tatt.

It’s actually supposed to be a Labrador sitting down and looking at a heart.

But, the woman’s partner also admitted it looked a bit phallic, reports the Mirror.

So, to find out whether the cruel customers were right she asked Reddit users for their honest replied.

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She wrote: "Does my tattoo look like a d**k?

"That’s what my boyfriend said.

"Just got to get that honest opinion."

Unfortunately, many agreed that her tattoo looked a little inappropriate.

One person wrote: "Sorry to break it to you, man, but that’s the first thing I saw – I think it might be the redness and lack of shading that’s making me think that."

Another added: "IMO your dog is vaguely d**k shaped."

A third commented: If I squint, yes. If I don't, no, that's clearly a dog."

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"Def — with the vein going down the back," giggled a fourth.

Luckily, not everyone had an issue with the inking.

One person commented: "A little, but nothing too bad. If it bothers you maybe get more fur texture added?"

While another noted: "Not unless you mention it, just add more fur whisps."

Someone else exclaimed: “I saw a dog right away! It’s very cute! I guess if I stare real hard, ignore the dog’s head, I can kind of see what you mean but that takes a lot of effort honestly."

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