Virgin Media customers urged to check emails as firm confirms how much bills are going up by in March

Virgin Media customers urged to check emails as firm confirms how much bills are going up by in March


VIRGIN Media customers are being urged to check their emails as they hold key information on broadband price hikes coming into force in March.

The telecoms firm announced just last week that it was increasing prices, but the email confirmation has still come as a shock to many customers.

The announcement warned that millions of customers could be set to pay as much as £56 a year more, with changes coming in just a few months' time.

But the harsh reality has hit disgruntled users as they have started receiving emails telling them exactly how much their bill is being hiked by.

The emails have gone out automatically so if you're already a Virgin Media customer then you should have been sent one – or you're urged to keep an eye on your inbox for one to come through this week.

Virgin Media has said the average increase for its users will be around £4.70 a month – but this can vary between contracts as each one is different.

A lot of users have found themselves on the upper end of that scale though, and have aired their frustrations on social media.

Seeking confirmation from the broadband provider on Twitter, one user said: "I got an email saying the price for my package will increase in March."

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Another said: "Oh what a surprise email! Virgin Media telling me the monthly bill is going up by… £5.75?! Time to cut the fat."

A third user said: "Received an email stating that you're raising my monthly charge by £5.75! FOR WHAT?!

"Paying an additional annual cost of £69 for receiving no extra services and no better reliability is a disgrace. Expect a call and cancellation! Enough is enough!"

One more wasn't facing quite as steep a hike, but was equally as frustrated: "You know how most companies email and say ‘your package is going up by 2p this month’? Not Virgin Media, it’s going up by £4!"

Virgin Media tweeted in response: "Changing prices is never an easy decision."

It explained that the cause of the price rise for many was down to service usage having "increased over the last 24 months" requiring the company to "continuously re-invest in the network".

The increases are set to come in from March 1, this year, so there's just under two months until the pricey change takes hold.

It's due to affect millions of Virgin Media broadband, TV and fixed-line phone customers.

You don't have to lie down and accept the increases if you don't want to, though there's not long left to switch to a cheaper deal.

If you're unhappy about the changes then Virgin is offering the option to cancel the contract or switch to a new plan without facing a penalty, but you have to have done it before February 2.

One Virgin customer managed to save as much as £264 a year on their broadband bill simply by asking, so making a saving can be done.

Another customer used the price hike email they were sent as a trigger to get them searching for better deals, and they managed to save £210 as a result.

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