Twitter users share stories of success as pupils get exam results

Twitter users share stories of success as pupils get exam results


People reveal their unconventional routes to career success to reassure anxious students awaiting exam results that there’s #NoWrongPath

  • School pupils from across the UK beginning to find out exam results 
  • Scottish pupils received grades yesterday, English students are awaiting news
  • Twitter users are sharing unconventional success stories using #NoWrongPath

Professionals from across the UK are sharing their unconventional stories of success to reassure nervous students awaiting and receiving exam results. 

Scottish students received their National, Higher and Advanced Higher grades yesterday, while English students are anxiously awaiting news of their A-Level results next week. Many need to meet certain grades to go to university. 

However Twitter users across the UK wanted to prove that there is no one path to success and shared stories of how they got to where they are without following the conventional route using #NoWrongPath. 

Twitter users have been using the hashtag #NoWrongPath to highlight their own success stories, with one woman, from Falkirk, writing there were ‘always options’ 

Another Twitter user, from Glasgow, revealed her turbulent career journey, from leaving school at 16 to being made redundant 

Sharing her story, one person wrote: ‘Remember if it’s not what you hoped for, don’t be disheartened!’ 

Many of those who tweeted said that they’d left school early with poor grades, and ended up doing several different jobs before landing on their current role.  

One social media user, from Glasgow, shared a picture revealing she’d dropped out of school at 16 and gone on to have a successful career in marketing, simply writing: ‘It’s been quite a journey.’ 

Another woman, from Kilbirnie, commented: ‘I cannot stress this enough now troops #NoWrongpath. Well done to everyone recieving exam results today. Remember if they were not what you hoped for don’t be disheartened.’ 

Another Twitter user, from Kilbirnie, revealed she’d dropped out at 15 and had gone on to work as an employment coordinator 

Others were quick to use the hashtag, with many sharing their stories on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘I am a #stnurse, I am studying #mhnursing. I was a gym instructor for 4 years before working in retail for 11 years. I’ve been a first aider for a medical provider and support worker in the past three years. My life experience is a positive factor in my nursing degree.’

Another shared: ‘5th year results – 3 X Ds and 2 fails. Since then, graduated from Edinburgh Napier, worked in some fantastic organisations since and travelled the world in between!’

One shared her story, saying: ‘It’s results day. When I got mine 12 years ago I cried because I got a C in Higher English and wouldn’t get into uni to study journalism. So I went to college, gained an HND, won the course prize, got into uni for journalism and now I’m a journalist.’ 

Twitter users from across the UK shared their unconventional stories of success online, with one writing: ‘Follow your dreams, work hard and you will get to where you want to be’

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