TikTok bride knits her own wedding dress in nine months while on the subway

TikTok bride knits her own wedding dress in nine months while on the subway


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Every day was a nice day for a white wedding … dress.

At least for designer and TikTok user Esther Andrews, who hand-knit her own bridal outfit over a period of nine months while commuting to work on the New York City subway.

Andrews took to TikTok in a video that now has more than 430,000 views. In the clip, she described how the process took her nine months. She went right down to the wire too, not finishing the dress until the day before her wedding. 

To make her dress, which was designed with layers of ruffles, a tiered skirt, log sleeves and a V neckline, Andrews used more than four miles of mohair lace yarn.

The dress was also decorated with small, red tomatoes, in line with the wedding’s theme. “The inspiration was a space pirate meets a tomato patch — because it was just silly and fun,” Andrews wrote on the TikTok video. 

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In the clip, Andrews said she worried that the dress might not come together at the end.

“When it came time to sew together I was scared because I could only trust that it would fit — no time to go back,” she wrote. “Thankfully it was ok so I could add the little tomatoes!”

Andrews also made the groom’s outfit which resembled an astronaut suit – and crafted a pair of hand-beaded socks to look like a starry sky, continuing in the theme, according to another TikTok video.

Andrews’ husband posted a comment to the video: “Just so you know I’m the HUSBAND!! And if you’re thinking I’m lucky, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE HALF OF IT.”

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