This money-saving £8 shampoo bar promises EIGHTY washes and a blow dry effect – but does it compare to your regular bottle?

This money-saving £8 shampoo bar promises EIGHTY washes and a blow dry effect – but does it compare to your regular bottle?


Solid shampoos aren’t the newest beauty products to grace shop shelves, but they used to be reserved for those willing to compromise on a bit of luxury to reduce their waste and plastic consumption.

But now, thanks to some impressive new formulas and pretty packaging, shampoo bars are on a lot of our radars. The new kid on the block is Nuddy, who has just launched the Ultra Volume Blow Dry Shampoo Bar, £8.95 here – and it looks like something we’d all want in our showers.

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Featuring an acai berry and peach scented formula, it promises to leave your hair feeling voluminous, shiny, and silky smooth. But the real clincher is it claims to see you through 80 washes (that’s just 9p each wash!), and last around double as long as a standard liquid shampoo.

Because the bar is infused with coconut and argan oils, it has a 2-in-1 conditioning formula that nourishes your hair instead of stripping it of natural oils, making your lengths and scalp healthier in the long run.

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But does it work? Our OK! beauty writer Zoe has been putting it to the test for you…

Zoe says:

Ask any of my friends – I’m the least likely person to offer to test out a shampoo bar because I’m just really fussy about the hair brands I use. But thanks to Covid, I had to remove all my hair extensions and now I’m trying desperately to work out a new shampoo and conditioner regime that works for my naturally fine lengths.

I was instantly sold by the packaging – it just looks so much more modern than other solid shampoos I’ve come across – and the peach scent is amazing. I do also like the fact that the only packaging it has is recyclable cardboard, so I’m reducing my waste.

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The instructions are very short and simple – wet it, lather the bar up in your hands or apply it directly to your hair, and then wash off.

Alrighty then.

Immediately I came across a problem. I couldn’t choose between getting my hands soapy and then running it through my hair, OR rubbing the bar directly into my lengths. The rubbing didn’t work and I kept dropping it, so hands it was.

It took longer than dolloping liquid into my palms and lathering up, like I would a typical shampoo – but I got the hang of it, and eventually felt confident that I’d transferred enough from my hands to my head for it to clean my hair.

Though this bar contains no SLS (the thing that usually causes all the lovely suds), I was impressed by how it did turn lather-like, and it washed out to give a squeaky clean effect. And no residue – which was another of my concerns as it has coconut oil in and that sometimes leaves a film.

But getting to the point that you’re all here for; did I like the results? Would I swap my normal shampoo for it?

Yes, actually, I would. Though the instructions say nothing about following with a conditioner, I would keep using a normal deep-conditioning mask, as my somewhat-damaged hair needs all the moisture it can get right now. But when dry, my hair felt very weightless (rather than volumised, I’d say), spotlessly clean and a lot smoother than usual.

For anyone with thicker hair than me (not hard), you might find it just takes too long to get enough of the product in your hair to really clean it, but I’d urge anyone to give it a go because it’s only £8 and it could save you a small fortune in the long run.

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