The Cast Of The Moon Knight, Ranked By Net Worth

The Cast Of The Moon Knight, Ranked By Net Worth


With the release of the first season of Moon Knight, the fourth phase of the MCU introduced a new range of actors and characters, each with varied acting backgrounds and hefty net worths.

The character of Moon Knight first made its debut in Marvel Comics in 1975 through the book series Werewolf By Night. The character who suffers from DID became a critically praised superhero for his ability to overcome human flaws. While Moon Knight was supposed to make its first appearance in 2006 in Blade: The Series, it was canceled before production could make any move. In 2019, Marvel announced the development of the series that will be released on Disney+, and Jeremy Slater will take the reins as the head producer and writer. Based on Egyptian mythology, the series received critical acclaim for its casting and refreshing storyline.

Oscar Isaac undertook the complicated role of Moon Knight and was singled out with praises for his performance in multiple roles. The series also stars Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, and F. Murray Abraham in supporting roles. Let’s take a look at the net worth of the cast of the first season of Moon Knight.

9 Antonia Salib ($100,000)

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While bringing Egyptian deities to life in Moon Knight, producer Jeremy Slater prioritized putting Taweret in the show. Antonia Salib portrays the role of the larger-than-life hippopotamus, the goddess of women and children. According to Marvel, Salib performs the motion capture and voices the CGI character. The show is Antonia Salib’s big-screen debut, as the actress has never performed in any shows.

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8 Ann Akinjirin ($625,000)

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Ann Akinjirin is a British actress and has a varied background with her performances on screen and in the theater. She is also a director/producer with her theater company and works as a movement director. The actress has multiple credits to her name, including I May Destroy You, Brave New World, and House Hack. In Moon Knight, Akinjirin portrays the role of a Duat member Bobbi Kennedy.

7 David Ganly ($1 million)


David Ganly played the role of Detective Constable William Fitzgerald for the show’s initial episodes. While his character works for the Metropolitan Police Service, he is also a part of a cult that worships the Egyptian god Ammit. Ganly has most of his scenes with Akinjirin as he investigates Steven Grant. Along with Moon Knight, Ganly has two more acting credits, Sunset Song and Body Of Lies.

6 Khalid Abdalla ($1.5 million)

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Khalid Abdalla, an actor of Egyptian descent, was born in Scotland and graduated from Cambridge University before starting his acting career. He received worldwide recognition for his starring role in the 2007 drama Kite Runner, based on a best-selling novel where he was cast as the lead Amir, as noted by IMDB. Abdalla plays the role of the Egyptian god Osiris who is in his human form Selim on Earth.

5 May Calamawy ($2 million)

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May Calamawy is one of the few characters in the series who does not originate from the comic book. The actress played the role of Layla El-Faouly, who is an ally to Marc Spector and helps him fight against Harrow. Calamawy has made several appearances in shows, including Madame Secretary, The Brave, and The Long Road Home. She is also the lead star of the Emmy-nominated Hulu series Ramy.

4 Gaspard Ulliel ($8 million)

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The late French actor Gaspard Ulliel had starred in several well-known shows, from portraying Saint Laurent in a biopic to a young Hannibal in Hannibal Rising. The César Award-winning actor was also the face of Chanel men’s fragrance for over a decade. In Moon Knight, Ulliel was cast as Midnight Man, one of the many nemeses of Moon Knight, who is also a beloved villain in comic books, as stated by Insider.

3 Murray Abraham ($10 million)

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Actor F. Murray Abraham was hired to voice the character of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. On the screen, Karim El Hakim plays Khonshu, but underneath the figure, Abraham has lent his voice to the powerful character who grants the Moon Knight his powers. The actor is an acclaimed performer who won an Oscar in the 1980s for his role in Amadeus. Abraham has also starred in hits such as 13 Ghosts, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Scarface.

2 Oscar Isaac ($12 million)

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Oscar Isaac has slowly become one of the most famous faces in Hollywood with his multitudes of critically acclaimed roles in films and television shows. He received praise for his performances in Ex Machina, the Star Wars trilogy, and Inside Llewyn Davis. As mentioned by Collider, Isaac plays the titular role in the show and portrays the various personalities. He is multi-millionaire Steven Grant, cab driver Marc Spector, mercenary Moon Knight, and detective Mr. Knight.

1 Ethan Hawke ($55 million)

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The lead antagonist in the show, Ethan Hawke, plays Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight. While the character originates from the comic books, a few tweaks were made to his backstory for the show. Harrow is another cult worshiper who looks up to the deity Ammit. Hawke is a four-time Oscar nominee best known for starring in the Before trilogy, Training Day, Dead Poets Society, and The Northman.

The show’s execution earned it a Creative Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing. Moon Knight was released on March 30, 2022, on Disney+ and instantly became a phenomenon for its viewers. As the show had been a limited series from the beginning, Marvel is yet to make an official announcement about whether a sequel is to be expected.

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