The Best Anti-fog Wipes, Sprays & Cloths | The Sun UK

The Best Anti-fog Wipes, Sprays & Cloths | The Sun UK


EVERYONE who wears glasses will have experienced the annoying problem of them steaming up whenever they put on their regulatory face mask, making it it tricky to read, shop or work easily.

Thankfully it’s a problem you don’t have to live with: our round-up of the best anti-fog wipes, sprays and cloths will keep your outlook mist-free so you can get on with your day.

That irritating fog is created when the warm air you breathe out escapes from the gaps around the contours your face mask and condenses when it touches the lenses of your specs.

Misting up can also happen when you come from the cold air into a warm room.

But treating your lenses with an anti-fog wipe, spray or cloth will help them to stay clear, allowing you to read, drive or work more easily – and more importantly, safely.

Format-wise, you should know that wipes can be more convenient to use than the liquid or spray bottles as you get a clean cloth built into the solution, but on the down-side they can be more expensive.

For more advice on keeping fog-free this winter, check out these tips from the Association of Optometrists.

Note: If your glasses have coated lenses (polarised lenses for example), make sure you check the packaging and select a specially-designed formula that won’t damage the coating.

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