The £4.49 Phizz hangover cure Amazon shoppers are loving right now

The £4.49 Phizz hangover cure Amazon shoppers are loving right now


IF your hangovers leave you feeling like you are on death's door, chances are you might want to give Phizz's raved about remedy a go.

Phizz is a new supplement brand to hit the market and its rehydration multivitamin formula is winning over partygoers – and did we mention it costs under a fiver?

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Why are they such a hit? Phizz can help combat the fatigue and dehydration you often feel after a big night out on the town.

The wonder supplement is packed with 18 different vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B and C.

The formula also comes packed with key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, which you lose when you sweat.

The mix of ingredients help to replenish your body and aid recovery after a big night drinking.

Remember you should always ensure you read the label before you start taking new supplements, and if in doubt consult your GP or a pharmacist.

You can currently pick up a pack of 10 for £4.49, or a pack of 20 for £5.40, from Amazon and shoppers with Prime membership can also get next day delivery.


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The totally vegan Phizz tablets come in two flavours, zesty orange and or refreshing apple and blackcurrent.

The top-rated hangover cure boasts thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon from shoppers who swear by the tablets.

One reviewer was impressed the tablets helped avoid the post-drinking headache.

The reviewer noted: "I bought these in preparation for a night out (for the morning after) I had a glass when I got in and then a glass the next morning and I don't know if it's was just coincidence but my normal wine head ache was non existent"

Another reviewer echoed praise for the tablets, writing: "I'll keep this short and simple, Phizz is incredible and I'll never go on a night out ever again without them.

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The devotee added, "Dissolve 2 in water and drink before bed, do the same thing in the morning when you wake up and you'll find yourself doubting you even went out the night before. They really are that good so don't suffer in the morning ever again, just buy Phizz."

Giving five stars to the Phizz tablets, another reviewer shared: "Worked for me and I usually suffer bad with hangovers.. Always take one before bed that's my advice."

Buy 10 Phizz tablets for £4.49 at Amazon here.

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