The 2022 wellness trends YOU need to know

The 2022 wellness trends YOU need to know


The beauty and lifestyle trends for 2022 YOU need to know: Experts predict sleek Y2K hair, glowing 70s makeup and stretching classes will dominate

  • Wellness and beauty experts from across the UK shared their 2022 predictions 
  • Amy Conway of Bobbi Brown and hair expert Mark Hill are expecting Y2K trends
  • Fitness specialists are predicting workouts that benefit the mind and the body 

From Seventies-inspired makeup to sleek Y2K hair, beauty and lifestyle experts have shared the trends set to dominate in 2022.    

Speaking to FEMAIL, UK stylists, wellness gurus and fitness influencers have explained how people will be placing a bigger focus on self-care, at-home treatments and hollistic wellness, amid the stress of the pandemic. 

In hair, the influence of the early Noughties reigns supreme. One stylist predicts a return to ‘done’ hairstyles, after years of more natural looks. 

When it comes to makeup and aesthetics, there will be a focus on natural beauty, a bronzed, glowing look, and a step back from invasive procedures. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up what you need to know…   


Mark Hill said Y2K hair styles such as the one Dua Lipa (pictured) had on the Versace runway will gain popularity throughout 2022

As in fashion, Y2K is set to dominate hair trends in 2022, alongside the classic bob.  

One of the defining styles is the ultra sleek down do, as seen on Dua Lipa on the Versace runway. 

Hair specialist Mark Hill explained how to get the look: ‘Start by first blow drying your hair as smooth as possible. I like to use a paddle brush for this and remember to always point your hairdryer down your hair from root to tip as you dry to get rid of any flyways and start building in shine. 

‘Once your hair is dry, take sections of the hair and spritz with heat protection spray. Use your straighteners to smoothly and gently glide through each section.’

Next year will also mark the return of carefully coiffured locks.  

Mark continued: ‘Also wet look and the classic bob will be popular throughout 2022. The bob never really goes out of fashion, but after a couple years of leaving our hair to do what it wants; it’s time to get back into the salon, and get a proper ‘style’. 

‘The beauty of the bob is that there is a length to suit anyone and can be worn with a middle or side parting, fringe or no fringe, straight or wavy. Just ask your stylist to keep the baseline blunt to get the shape, and the rest is up to you.’ 


Bobbi Brown Global PRO Artist Amy Conway (pictured) said make-up lovers will embrace 1970s bronzer paired with glossy lips as a nod to the Y2K trend 

Bobbi Brown Global PRO Artist Amy Conway believes the trends that were popular in the 1970s are likely to influence make-up choices throughout 2022.

‘Moving away from the heavy contoured cheekbones and into a healthier looking bronze skin and it’s all thanks to the 1970s bronzer trend that is coming back. This is the kind of trend that we love because it’s super wearable, easy to do and instantly makes us look more youthful.

‘The sun-kissed sweep is achieved by taking a matte bronzer across the cheeks and nose, focusing on the apple of the cheeks as opposed to the cheekbones, then layer a cream blush or moisturiser on top to create that candle light glow.

‘Shimmer on the eyes has been making a slow yet glamorous comeback, however in 2022 we are moving away from full coverage glitters and we are seeing more sheer shimmers instead. These super pretty finishes almost let you see the skin through the shimmer on the lid, they are soft and wearable and just instantly brighten the eyes.

‘2022 is all about glossy lips. Unlike past glosses, these newer formulas are super nourishing, using oils to create that gorgeous high shine that isn’t sticky at all. Which makes this new trend so wearable and flattering. 

‘Here’s to prettier, smoother pouts – and with a nod to the rising Y2K looks, we are seeing orange lips making a comeback in sheer and tinted formulas, whether it’s in a balm or a gloss, this finish gives a fresh warm tint to the lips.’


Celebrity personal trainer Peter Maciver (pictured), better known as PMac Fitness, predicts an increase in gyms offering stretching classes 

Wellness expert Meggan Grubb, who boasts 1.3 million Instagram followers and a GymShark ambassadorship, believes there will be an increased focus on workouts that benefit the mind as well as the body.   

‘Wellness programs can include anything from goal-setting, motivation, and mindset to more promotion around rest days and recovery. It’s all about looking after your mental health just as much as your physical,’ Meggan said.  

Celebrity personal trainer Peter Maciver, better known as PMac Fitness added that there is likely to be an increase in stretch classes. 

Peter said: ‘I am a huge advocate of taking time to stretch and it has benefits in abundance. Not only does it help prevent injury, improve flexibility but it can improve posture and even help with sleep.

‘I’d recommend a minimum of 10 mins daily and if you can incorporate yoga poses too then you really are getting a full mind and body workout. Gyms have started to run stretching classes now rather than just a quick cool down at the end, and stretch studios have started to open up and we’ll see more of this in 2022.’  


Holistic Life Coach & Wellness Specialist Nichola Henderson said breathwork sessions will be increasingly promoted to reduce anxiety

Nichola Henderson who is a Holistic Life Coach & Wellness Specialist revealed there will be an increase in people going on holidays focused on reconnecting with themselves.


Lisa Franklin who was awarded Best Facial Expert by Attracta Beauty Awards 2021, said the shift towards a more natural look will continue with non-invasive facelifts replacing facial fillers.

She revealed the CACI Lip Lift will become an alternative to lip fillers, saying:  ‘You can achieve a more natural pout with a simple 15 minute treatment.’ 

Aesthetics doctor Dr Ahmed El Muntasar revealed the latest trend in anti-ageing.

Ellanse – a next-generation filler that contains polymers which, when injected triggers your skin to naturally produce more collagen over the coming months as well as correcting existing lines and wrinkles, is set to rival Botox.

Dr Ahmed said: ‘You can overfill and over inject but your body has a limit on how much collagen is can produce so this is a great treatment to naturally lift and tighten skin as you’ll never look overdone.’

Nichola said: ‘A holiday now is more precious than it was when the city break was just a last-minute buy, something that could be done as easily as ordering a pizza. There will be a craving of needing something even more ‘satisfying’ from holidays.’ 

Nichola added that breathwork will also gain popularity.

She added: ‘I believe people are only just beginning to realise the potential impact this could have on their overall health and wellbeing. What was sometimes dismissed as a ‘trend’ in the last couple of years will gain more credit as more research continues to back up the experiences of practitioners. 

‘Expect this to be adopted in places where it would have been unheard of before, from gyms and studios to workplaces and the home where families may practice together. This will continue to become mainstream and tech will help to enhance our experience in 2022.’  


Jessica Sepel, founder of JSHealth Vitamins said seaweed is an ingredient to watch throughout the upcoming year as studies have shown it can be beneficial for skin. 

The natural ingredient also supports the immune system, digestive health and has anti-inflammatory properties.  

Jessica said: ‘I also discovered its effect on hair growth and health, especially due to the natural source of iodine it yields, which has been shown to support hair growth and health in the scientific literature. 

‘It contains a high-purity fucoidan extract and is rich in marine polyphenols, it can provide remarkable age-defying benefits when applied to the skin. 

‘Results from studies showed that seaweed extract was able to improve skin’s overall appearance by 60 per cent in just 12 weeks. The results I have seen on my own skin so far have been impressive.’ 


Karen MacDonald, founder of organic beauty hub BLOMMA Beauty predicts an increase in using at-home tools to recreate treatments found in beauty salons. Stock image

Karen MacDonald, founder of organic beauty hub BLOMMA Beauty predicts an increase in using at-home tools to recreate treatments found in beauty salons. 

‘We are seeing our customer tending towards really effective, minimalist skincare (skinimalism) to take care of their specific skin type or concerns, rather than their age-group. A really effective skincare routine involves using less to really see the results.

‘Facegyming’ is taking off as well as gua shas and jade rollers have grown in popularity, as self care and self massage tools. I think that trend will continue into the next year as some people are still fearful of going out to their facialist. 

‘Doing something like this facial massage stimulates collagen production, boosts circulation and also draining the lymph from the face and taking away puffiness. 

‘When working from home we’ve been spending more time than ever on our screens which emit blue light. The impacts of blue light on our skin can speed up cell damage and cause issues like pigmentation. 

‘Protecting our skin from blue light is becoming more and more important and we’ve seen lots of new products in our ranges that help combat and protect.’ 

Lorna Mitchell who is an Innovation Strategy Consultant and Co-founder Noughty Haircare added that there will be an increased focus on how the relationship between the brain and gut affects skin.

Lorna said: ‘Research is exploring a theory that our brain, gut and skin are all aligned. The idea is that the suite of emotions associated with stress – like depression, anxiety, tension – cause changes in the chemistry of the gut, with knock-ons for the gut microbiome, which in turn sends out signals to the skin microbiome that appear to us as flares or outbreaks of psoriasis, eczema, acne, all relating back to those original stress signals from the brain. 

‘Being kind to our skin, nurturing a healthy microbiome, is part of holistic self care.’ 

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