Tesco shoppers in stitches at nonsense product description on vegan sausages

Tesco shoppers in stitches at nonsense product description on vegan sausages


Thousands of Brits choose to do their supermarket shopping online, or, research their buys before heading to the shops so they can budget.

This means that many of us spend plenty of time reading the details on foodie items including the nutritional info, allergens and cost.

But, we often don’t look too closely at the description of the food itself – unfortunately for one copywriter the assumption that people ignore this backfired.

Earlier this week, social media user Cecilia posted on Twitter about the off product description on some plant-based sausages on the Tesco site.

At the top of the listing, the description said: “Plant-based mini sausages, made from pea protein and mushroom."

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Normal, but then things get a little bit more bizarre.

The writer mixed together lines of gibberish with complaints about their job and film quotes in an attempt to fill the space.

Parts state “nobodyreadddssstheeeseeee”, “haveihitthewordcountyet” and the excellent “whambamthankyou mam”.

We also giggled at "I can't believe this is my job lols bye."

On Twitter, Cecilia laughed: “Tesco copywriter, u ok hun?"

To which someone replied: “Haha someone set live by accident."

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“I can't believe you just tried to nark the copywriter,” noted another.

While a third commented: “This is the best thing I've seen on [Twitter] since I joined."

Amusingly, it seems that while Tesco may have made a mistake adding the information to their website, it is what’s printed on the back of the “This” brand’s products.

Apparently, the company loves to add little jokes for their customers.

A fan wrote on social media: "I can confirm this is real. It's a joke from the brand, and it's on all their packaging."


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