Sylvester Stallone Joins Mortal Kombat

Sylvester Stallone Joins Mortal Kombat


They drew first blood.

They’re not hunting him — he’s hunting them.

Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo is the latest movie legend to join the Mortal Kombat roster.

The one-man army was unveiled on Thursday in a blood-filled trailer introducing the newest character update to the gory video game franchise.

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The trailer shows a panicked Baraka (who, being a Tarkatan monster with retractable swords in his arms, takes a lot to panic) running through a dark forest, pursued by an unseen assailant.

His pursuer, it turns out, is the ninja water god Rain — also newly joining the roster on Thursday — who materializes behind him and prepares to do battle.

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But Rain never gets the chance, as poor Baraka is dragged off into the undergrowth by a second hidden foe, who immediately tosses his severed head back into the clearing.

His killer shows herself as the second of the newly added trio: fan fave Mileena, who licks her trademark sais clean of her victim’s blood, before the two warriors tear lumps out of each other in typical OTT MK fashion.

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But their mortal combat is suddenly interrupted when they narrowly avoid a trap sprung from the forest floor, and a third player enters the scene.

“Who are you?” Mileena challenges. “I’m your worst nightmare,” Rambo replies, completing his own famous movie quote.

Boasting his trademark tank top and red headband, he then unloads his trusty M-60 machine gun into his opponents.

The reveal trailer certainly had fans excited, as Rambo’s name trended high on Twitter.

In this latest Kombat Pack 2, Stallone’s Rambo follows in the footsteps of a number of pop culture icons making their crossover debut in the famous beat-em-up, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator and Peter Weller’s Robocop, as well as Batman nemesis The Joker and comic book antihero Spawn.

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