Super Blood Moon horoscope: How May Full Moon will affect YOU

Super Blood Moon horoscope: How May Full Moon will affect YOU


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April’s Taurus New Moon eclipse brought fresh foundations and help with setting intentions. Now, as the lunar eclipse takes place on Monday, May 16 at 4.14am BST in the sign of Scorpio, prepare to put the past behind you as energies from this Moon will only propel you forward. spoke to Justin Toper, one of the UK’s leading astrologers, to find out what’s in store for Monday’s Blood Moon eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will occur in the much-maligned and misunderstood sign of Scorpio, and the fundamental issues of trust and intimacy will come to the fore.

Scorpio Moon transits often bring with it the darker edge of the sign’s traits; you might feel a more brooding atmosphere and the intense emotions might be difficult to handle.

Justin said: “Events in the days around an eclipse are often memorable, and when affairs take an unexpected and unanticipated turn.

“However, for those of you who have been stuck on an emotional treadmill, you could experience an amazing metamorphosis – even if you have suffered the blows of abandonment or absence recently.”

A Blood Moon takes place when the Earth’s Moon is in a total lunar eclipse. It’s referred to as a Blood Moon because of the orangey-red tinge the Full Moon takes on when eclipsed.

Justin said: “A Blood red Moon is one the most impressive natural phenomena that can be observed in the heavens.”

He continued: “In the past, this was sometimes considered an omen of doom or impending disaster. But there is nothing to fear, despite some symbolic battle going on between light and darkness.”

Looking inward, Moon mentor and author Kirsty Gallagher said: “You may feel pain as you realise what you have allowed to persist in your life for so long.

“You may feel a deep sorrow around the fact you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life. Everything may feel confusing, uncertain, uncomfortable, and as though it’s collapsing all around you.

However, this eclipse is here to bring clarity, and if you’re keeping hold of things that aren’t meant for you, today’s Scorpio Moon energy will help you easily release them.

Kirsty said: “This full moon is a life purge, a karmic cleanse.”

The Sun in Taurus will square up to Saturn in Aquarius later this weekend.

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Justin said: “Others may be ‘out for blood’, but you will possess the weaponry to fight for what you believe is right and be remade anew.

But, he continued: “Thankfully, this Blood Moon won’t be all guts and gore.

“A beautiful link involving Neptune in Pisces on Sunday urges you to hold on to your dreams, and many of you could experience a sense of euphoria. Is it true love or is it Neptune?”

In the following days, as the dust settles and the Blood Moon begins to wane, expect the unexpected.

Justin said: “This can be a time when old flames or soulmates find themselves entwined.

“The main thing about Lunar Eclipses is that they are a cosmic whirlwind of change and chance, and ultimately, the changes are positive and magical.”

All of your actions, thoughts, and realisations under this Full Moon eclipse will combine in one force to help propel you further and faster to where you need to be.

Trust the process and embrace the change today’s Moon brings.

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