Stripper spills on the ‘two types of girls’ who watch her dance and ‘bum wiggle’

Stripper spills on the ‘two types of girls’ who watch her dance and ‘bum wiggle’


A professional stripper and pole dancer has spilled on the "two types" of women who come into the club and watch her perform in a candid chat with her fans on TikTok.

In the clip, which has been "liked" more than 600,000 times, user @goddessblair says "all sorts of women" come into the strip club and are very different.

She divides them into two categories – the "woo girls" and the "boo girls".

Blair explains: "So the boo girls look like they don’t wanna be here they look like they were forced to be here.

"You can just feel that laser beam of judgement coming out of their eyes while they're watching you."

Blair said some girls give her stink eye "like you ruined their life".

On the flip side, the woo girls will cheer her on for "anything", Blair claims.

She adds: "I'll do a single booty shake and they’ll be like 'Woah!' and then if I pull out my trick their minds shatter.

"I love the woo girls, they boost my confidence tremendously."

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The video was flooded with thousands of comments since Blair uploaded it last night, with many starry-eyed female fans confessing to being her "woo girls".

One woman wrote: "I went with my bf and was a woo girl now I'm a lesbian."

Another lass admitted: "The first time I went to a strip club I spent all my money on the first girl to walk on stage.

"I was mesmerised she came down and sat on my lap."

Someone else wrote: "I'm a woo girl but I understand the boo girls.

"If their male friends or god forbid their bf forced them to go there I wouldn’t be happy either."

This comes after a former stripper shared her pubic hair hack that leaves her skin "so smooth" even if she does it every day.

Her neat trick uses lots of baby oil and men's grooming products and fans swear by it.

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