Spoilers: Attempted murder, a confession and an identity revealed in Neighbours

Spoilers: Attempted murder, a confession and an identity revealed in Neighbours


Things are escalating quickly in Neighbours, not just in the Dipi/Pierce saga, but also for the lads at Schoolies, Bea’s new relationship and David and Aaron’s family plans.

It’s a troublesome week for the Ramsay Street lot, with confessions, revelations and what seems like a murder plot.

Pierce (Don Hany) is the victim of said plot. Somebody clearly wants to see him out of the picture for good and the obvious culprit would be Shane (Nick Coghlan), but he’s not the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Pierce.

Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is in for a shocker when the identity of her new lover is revealed. What will she do with this information?

It would seem that Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Richie (Lachlan Miller) can’t handle Schoolies and both go off the rails, much to the disgust of Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone).

But in a little light relief from all this angst, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are one step closer to getting their baby. But could there be a cost?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Levi discovers the identity of Bea’s lover

It’s the secret Bea didn’t even know she was keeping – that she’s dating Levi’s attacker. Both she and Levi are unaware of this little fact, and Levi is trying to work through the demons of his past by laying those ghosts to rest with a letter to Parko. It helps, he feels ready to let go. Sheila wants the same peace and decides to meet with Parko, but her meeting with him is interrupted when Bea and Levi walk in – and the cat is out of the bag. Bea is horrified to learn she’s been dating Levi’s attacker while Levi is shocked she is dating anyone at all. Bea realises she really does have terrible taste in men, but she likes this guy despite what he’s done. Is Levi so ready to let go of his past he can let Bea go too?

Harlow and Mackenzie’s men go off the rails

Hendrix is losing his mind over his dad deciding to leave, and Pierce is hacked off Hendrix has flunked his exams. Things are not good and Hendrix is in a bit of a spiral. Harlow tries to get him to talk, but he just wants to party. Mackenzie isn’t having much fun with Richie either. She finds out he’s been propositioned by another girl, and is left petrified at the idea of him being let loose at Schoolies. She might think things are bad but she has no idea what’s to come – Hendrix finds out about the Ladder. It’s an app that’s going round the lads at school used to rate the female classmates. Hendrix is outraged, but Richie, not so much…

Dipi and Shane to take a break

Shane tells Dipi about his wobble and that he’s going to table his efforts to fix their marriage. He hopes she will come back to him when she’s ready, but privately all Dipi feels is freedom and relief. Has she got her sights fully set on a life with Pierce?

Does Shane try to murder Pierce?

It’s fair to say Shane is pretty miffed over the whole his wife having an affair thing, but could he go as far as to try and bump Pierce off? In a bid to clear his head, Pierce heads to the gym. But disaster strikes while he’s there – he suffers a cardiac event. Thankfully he pulls through, but after a few medical investigations it becomes clear he has been drugged. Who would do such a thing?! Pierce hopes that his brush with death will bring Chloe closer to him, but it’s Dipi who shows up at his bedside. He’s too preoccupied to care – could Shane really have tried to kill him? Or could it be Paul taking to desperate measures? Or maybe Nicolette, hellbent on getting him out of the picture? Dipi suspects Shane and it looks like Pierce believes he would do it too. When the two men later come face to face things end up in a fist fight. But has he picked the wrong guy?

Mackenzie learns about the Ladder

Richie has a confession for Mackenzie – He put her on the Ladder to be rated and ogled at. She is mortified and devastated he could do such a thing. For a brief moment the Rebecchis put their issues aside to support her. Is this it for Mackenzie and Richie?

David and Aaron find a surrogate

Just as David prepares to fly to Canada to leave his specimen, he gets an offer he might not be able to refuse. Nicolette fancies having their baby so offers to be the oven for their bun, and as it would save him from having to fly half way across the world to drop off some sperm, it seems like a great solution. The wannabe dads quiz her to see if she is genuine and it would appear she does indeed want to have their kid. Have they finally found their surrogate?

Scenes air from Monday 7th December on Channel 5

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