Skateboarding bikini model defies trolls who say shes big in the wrong places

Skateboarding bikini model defies trolls who say shes big in the wrong places


A plus-size model clapped back at trolls who claim she is 'big in all the wrong places' by flaunting her curves in a bikini while riding a skateboard.

Danielle Lucker, from Los Angeles, has gained more than 214,000 likes on a video where she donned a black bikini and beanie from Lizzo's brand Yitty while riding a skateboard.

The curvaceous model had a huge grin on her face as she filmed the clip in response to a troll, who said: "Big in all the wrong places."

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But Danielle didn't let it get her down as she posted the video, with a clip to Diet Culture by 19-year-old singer-songwriter Brye.

The segment said: "There's nothing wrong with my body, fat is not a dirty word. If my body tells me something, I will make sure it is heard."

Danielle has since posted another video with the same track after another troll simply commented "*fat*" under one of her videos.

Her TikTok fans have flocked to the comments in support of her – including 'Big Girl Banger' singer Robbie Tripp, who left flexing emojis in the comment section.

Another fan said: "You're a babe! Keep shining!"

A third commented: "Confidence is extremely attractive!"

To which, someone replied correcting it to: "She* is extremely attractive."

A fourth wrote: "Perfect in all the right places."

However, other users were amazed at her bravery for skateboarding without safety gear, as one woman added: "I would be SO worried about scraping my knees."

Another said: "Brave! Not because of your shape/size but simply bc I would fall and skin the entire surface of my skin."

A third begged: "You are very pretty but knee pads and a helmet plz."

"Every time I see someone in a bikini skating I instantly know they are more confident in their coordination than I am. I would fall immediately lol," a fourth commented.


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