‘Sexist of the year’: PM asked to clarify if award was given out at Downing Street party

‘Sexist of the year’: PM asked to clarify if award was given out at Downing Street party


Written by Katy Harrington

Katy Harrington is Stylist’s commissioning editor and acting deputy digital editor.

The latest allegation to hit the Tories involves a mock award alleged to be handed out at a lockdown party in No.10. 

Partygate, an MP caught watching porn in the houses of Parliament, and more allegations of sexism and misogyny in the government – what a time to be a Tory. But now, Prime Minister Boris Johnson might have to answer questions about whether or not a ‘Sexist of the Year’ award was handed out at a lockdown Christmas party at Number 10 Downing Street in December 2020. 

Deputy leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner has written to the PM demanding he answers questions over the reports.

The allegation about the mock award being given out was first published in The Sunday Times. 

Raynor’s letter asks Boris Johnson to clarify if the allegation is true and if it is who gave the award, who was nominated for it and why, and who was presented with the prize.

She also asked Boris Johnson what action would be taken in the allegations were proved to be true. 

The letter, also published on Twitter, says: “You have claimed on the record this week that there is ‘no place’ for sexism in politics, and yet there are now serious and credible allegations in the Sunday Times that sexist behaviour has not only taken place in your own office but has been celebrated and rewarded.

“You are ultimately responsible for the culture and activity that takes place within Downing Street under your administration.

“If true, these allegations are not only at odds with your professed opposition to sexism but set a terrible example and must result in further action”, Rayner wrote. 

Just last week, Angela Rayner had to speak out after an article appeared in the Mail on Sunday in which newspaper’s political editor Glen Owen said that several Conservative MPs claimed that Rayner tries to distract the prime minister at PMQs by crossing and uncrossing her legs.

The Mail On Sunday article has been widely condemned as sexist and misogynist.

Raynor’s letter comes at a time when a total of 56 MPs are currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct – including three members of Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, it has been reported.

Former MP Neil Parish has just resigned after being caught watching pornography twice in Parliament. 

Boris Johnson is yet to comment on these most recent allegations. 

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