Savvy woman revamps rotting garden with IKEA & B&Q bargains

Savvy woman revamps rotting garden with IKEA & B&Q bargains


Savvy woman transforms rotting garden into dream outdoor space for £240 using IKEA & B&Q bargains

  • Emma Bailey, from Sutton, created her dream outdoor space on a budget
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A savvy woman has revealed how she transformed her rotting garden into her dream outdoor space for £240 using IKEA and B&Q bargains. 

Emma Bailey, 35 from Sutton, has amassed over 23,700 followers on her YouTube Channel – where she has been documenting her recent garden renovation.

Speaking to Latest Deals, the social media star explained how the space was in dire need of a revamp earlier this year.

She said: ‘It required some work because the furniture was rotting, there was a big pile of compost causing damage to the shed and the patio needed a good clean.’ 

Although she had never redesigned a garden before, Emma decided to paint her fence a chic shade of dark blue – as she felt the white was ‘washing out the flowers’.

Emma Bailey, 35 from Sutton, spent £240 revamping her garden earlier this year. Pictured: Emma’s garden following the transformation 

The savvy social media star painted her fence dark blue to make the plants in front of it stand out more

Having shopped around for the best bargain, Emma opted for the colour Urban Slate by the brand Cuprinol – which was on sale for £15 in B&Q.

‘This darker off-black colour was chosen because it contrasts nicely with the plants I placed in front of it,’ she said. ‘It took a while to get the paint job done but I was really pleased with how it looked when I was finished.’ 

As part of the job, Emma and her partner also had to break down their rotting wooden furniture – which they then took it to a nearby recycling centre. 

She explained: ‘The original furniture was uncomfortable to sit on, and got quite dirty. 

‘I also found that a lot of bugs and spiders would hide in it, which wasn’t really very nice.’ 

Next, the couple cleared out the compost area next to their outdoor shed, which is painted a vibrant yellow, and disposed of it all. 

Emma added: ‘This waste had been causing the bottom of the shed to rot so I’m glad it’s gone! We have now got a special bin to store garden waste, which was long overdue.’ 

Once she’d cleared all the dirt away, the social media star washed the patio with her garden hose and sprinkled some bicarbonate of soda over the stubborn stains. 

Pictured: what Emma’s garden looked like before the transformation. The couple broke down their old rotten furniture 

Pictured: Emma and her partner seen clearing out the garden ahead of the amazing transformation 

The couple turned to YouTube for inspiration on how to landscape their garden in an attempt to keep costs low

After this, Emma happily laid down her blue printed outdoor rug which she snapped up for a further £25 in B&Q. 

What’s more, the couple invested £200 in a new outdoor table and chairs set from IKEA.

In order to keep costs low, Emma and her partner turned to YouTube for help coming up with landscaping ideas.  

Emma hopes that sharing her garden transformation will encourage other aspiring gardeners to create allotments in small spaces.

Although Emma’s allotment only measures in at just 6m by 2m, she is currently using it to grow potatoes, peas and a blueberry bush.

She continued: ‘Once we put the table and chairs together it was just a matter of planting lots of colourful flowers to encourage wildlife and pollinators as well as create a calm area to sit in.

‘I’m thrilled with how it looks, as it was such an easy makeover but really effective. It’s transformed the back garden and I’m really looking forward to using the space in the summer.’

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