Religious lass banned from texting boys shuns strict upbringing for OnlyFans

Religious lass banned from texting boys shuns strict upbringing for OnlyFans


Lowri Rose-Williams was raised by strict parents who sent her to church twice on Sundays, forbade her from texting boys, and banned her from going online.

But now she’s breaking the internet with her X-rated OnlyFans content – and raking in thousands every month doing it.

The 23-year-old, originally from Swansea, is a social media sensation with thousands of followers across TikTok, Instagram and now OnlyFans.

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In the 18 months, she has been producing content on the adult platform, she has ranked in the top 1% worldwide.

Speaking to Wales Online, Lowri said: “I've always been interested in dressing a certain way, having tattoos and piercings and stuff, but I was never allowed.

“My family are like old school Christians, so they were very, very strict on everything, including music tastes and clothes.

“To be honest, my whole life was just church, church, church. We went there twice on a Sunday and a few times in the week."

"I wasn't allowed to have boyfriends or to text boys, and I was even banned from the internet.”

The inked-up model revealed she got her first tattoo at the age of 18 and it caused a ruckus in her house.

"She'd be livid if she saw me now,” Lowri confessed, after revealing she had cut ties with her parents.

Lowri moved to Cardiff to study a law degree at 18 and used the break from her sheltered upbringing to find ways to express herself. This is where her popularity on social media began.

She landed a job dancing at the bar at Coyote Ugly helping her to uncork the attitude and eroticism she felt she had needed to repress growing up.

"Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to do something performative," she admitted as she revealed that she made the move into OnlyFans during lockdown.

The response, she said, was immediate.

"It took off straight away," she smiled. "Because I already had a large following, people were waiting for it and I was making money instantly. In my first month, I made around £10,000, while in the past year I've made over £100,000."

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