'Real-life Rapunzel' has 4ft locks

'Real-life Rapunzel' has 4ft locks


‘Real-life Rapunzel’ with 4ft locks says the secret to growing long and healthy hair is avoiding a hairdryer, eating plenty of veggies and washing it just once a WEEK

  • Jasmine Larseon, from Bristol, has stunning locks that are over 4ft long 
  • Influencer has not cut her hair in four years – and shows off the stunning results 
  • She said she is often stopped on the street by people who call her ‘Rapunzel’ 
  • Credits her hair care routine, healthy diet and plenty of water for the growth 

A woman has been described as a ‘real-life Rapunzel’ after growing her hair to more than 4ft long. 

Jasmine Larseon, from Bristol, last cut her hair in 2017 and credits her healthy diet, hair care routine and drinking plenty of water with helping to keep her luscious locks so long and healthy. 

She also washes it just once or twice a week, rarely uses a hairdryer and applies oil daily to keep it in prime condition.  

Jasmine said: ‘Whenever I am out and about people are always stopping me to tell me that I am like Rapunzel.

Luscious locks! Jasmine Larseon, from Bristol, last cut her hair in 2017 and credits her healthy diet, hair care routine and drinking plenty of water with helping to keep her hair so healthy

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Jasmine says she gets stopped on the street by strangers who tell her she looks like a real-life Rapunzel

Let down your hair! Jasmine, who last cut her hair in 2017, shows off her locks on Instagram

‘They can’t believe that my hair is so long that it almost reaches my knees, and they are even more shocked about how healthy and thick it looks.

‘I think that the natural colour of my hair makes it stand out even more, especially when I am stood in the sun as it looks like a fiery red colour.

‘I stop and chat to them about my hair and share the best tips I have found for growing your hair.

‘I last had my hair cut in 2017 up to shoulder length and that’s when I decided I was going to see how long I could grow it.

‘And I have been nervous about going to the hairdressers ever since because I am too scared that they will cut off more than I want them too so my hair hasn’t even had a trim in four years.

‘I got really into haircare and spent a lot of time looking into the best products to keep your hair healthy.’

Hair care: Jasmine washes her hair just once or twice a week, rarely uses a hairdryer and applies oil daily to keep it healthy

Natural beauty: Jasmine’s stunning hair is her natural colour and she doesn’t wear extensions

Jasmine applies oil to her hair every day and braids it to avoid any breakage.

She also says that sticking to a healthy diet that is full of fruits and vegetables and drinking at least one litre of water each day has played an important part in the growth of her hair.

Jasmine added: ‘My diet is packed full of lots of fruits and veg. I especially think that eggs have been good when growing my hair because they are really high in protein.

‘And I think sweet potatoes and greens such as spinach have also been particularly good as I eat lots of these.

‘My hair is my natural colour. I have never dyed my hair so I think that has also been really helpful when growing it because it isn’t damaged from trying to colour or bleach it which is extremely damaging.

‘I wear my hair in a braid or a bun with oil each day to protect it and to avoid any breakage.

‘I even protect my hair while I am sleeping. I have a satin pillowcase that I sleep on and I also wear a satin bonnet to bed as my hair is so long over spills off of my satin pillow.’

Careful: Jasmine wears her hair in braids or a bun to protect her stunning red locks

Well-informed: Biochemistry graduate Jasmine says she likes giving hair care advice based on scientific evidence  

Jasmine is a social media influencer with a masters degree in biochemistry so she loves reading articles on haircare topics and giving advice based on scientific evidence on Instagram.

Jasmine rarely applies heat to her hair and only uses styling equipment for special occasions. She believes that has also been a fundamental part of her hair growth journey.

Jasmine said: ‘I only wash my hair once or twice a week and I let it air dry most of the time unless I am going out to a special event.

‘It usually takes an entire day for my hair to dry fully. It’s such a long process.

‘I only ever straighten my hair about once a month if I am going somewhere special. By using less heat on my hair it stops any damage that could cause any snapping.

Social media star: Jasmine, pictured, shows off photos of her stunning locks to fans

‘My hair is naturally straight with a slight kink in it so I can still create so many great hairstyles with my hair because it is long without having to use heated appliances.

‘One of my favourite things about my long hair is that I can get creative with hairstyles, it’s so fun. I think my hair makes me stand out from the crowd and just looks amazing. I am really happy with it.

‘Although it can be quite challenging trying to keep up with the maintenance of my hair. It’s quite tiring and sometimes I just don’t feel like applying applying a natural hair oil mask before my next wash.

‘Instead, I use a drugstore hair mask with a shorter leave-in time. But I know it’s worth it. Using oil in your hair and wearing protective styles every day are is the key to healthy and thick looking hair. I couldn’t live without it.

‘I recently started cutting my split ends individually using the Search & Destroy method once or twice a month. This doesn’t affect length which is important because I’m trying to reach knee length by the end of this year.’ 

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