Pregnant mum sells maternity undies to fans – & will live-stream birth for £10k

Pregnant mum sells maternity undies to fans – & will live-stream birth for £10k


Carla Bellucci has made a fortune during her pregnancy.

The mum-of-three is raking in a fortune from OnlyFans subscribers with “bump” fetishes.

She’s had plenty of requests from fans in recent months – including people who want to buy her maternity bras.

The 39-year-old, from Hitchin, Herts., has earned hundreds by flogging her worn undies in recent weeks.

She told the Daily Star: “I have one fan that’s totally obsessed with my underwear – he just asked me would I sell any for a certain amount of money. So I agreed. I thought why not it’s an easy market?”

“He paid, I sent him my bra and he was more than happy.”

This saucy request is far from unusual.

Carla, who is expecting a baby girl, admitted: “So many men want my maternity knickers – God knows why?

“I am still in my sexy undies like G strings – so they are sexy pieces – but sometimes I wear more full panties now.

“I’m getting big and they still want them.

“I find this stranger as they are not that hot – but if it makes my OnlyFans happy I’m fine with it, I don’t see an issue.

“I know girls that have been selling undies for years it’s always been a huge money-making market!”

Carla added: “I have made good money – now reaching over a grand – as I only started this venture a month ago!”

Even though the mum is happy to be making a fortune, she’s bracing herself for the reaction of trolls.

She said: “I’m sure the mums will have something to say but I always say ‘everyone lives differently’.

“It’s a free world. I don’t worry what other people do so nor should they – as long as people are happy with their choices let them be.

“I’m my own person and I won’t let anyone stand in my way!”

It’s not the first time Carla has been met with backlash during her pregnancy.

Previously, the influencer was trolled for agreeing to live-stream the birth of her fourth child.

A fan has offered £10,000 for the mum to film herself during labour – and Carla is happy to oblige.

She told us: “I have been offered £10,000 from one of my OnlyFans to live-stream my birth – and you know what, why not?

“I mean, people give birth on that programme One Born Every Minute and I can’t see the difference. I’m sure they don’t even get paid!”

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