Police: Suspect No.1: CCTV footage captures robbery in broad daylight

Police: Suspect No.1: CCTV footage captures robbery in broad daylight


CCTV footage captures the moment a female student puts up a fight as a thief flings her to the floor in a bid to grab her purse in broad daylight in Police: Suspect No.1

  • Unnamed student was attacked by robber on bike during the day in Norfolk
  • Police think their suspect is a possible drug addict and acted out of opportunity 
  • In CCTV, the student is seen being flung to the floor, before fighting back

CCTV footage of a robbery which took place during broad daylight has captured the moment a woman put up a fight against a thief who tried to steal her bag. 

In tonight’s episode of Channel 5’s Police: Suspect No.1, which airs at 9pm, cops reveal they were alerted to the footage of the incident, which took place near East Anglia University in Norwich – and sees a man on a bike approach a student from behind, before attacking her.

But the student, who isn’t willing to give up her belongings easily, can be seen desperately clinging onto her goods – even after the robber, Simon Garratt, 35, flings her to the floor in order to snatch a purse out of her hands. 

The team of investigators went on to explain they had to rely on this footage, as well as witness statements, to try and identify their suspect. 

CCTV footage of a robbery which took place during broad daylight has captured the moment a woman put up a fight against a thief who tried to steal her bag. It will air in tonight’s episode of Police: Suspect No.1 on Channel 5 

The robbery took place on a rainy day when the victim. an unnamed student who could be seen holding onto an umbrella, was on her way to university.

DS Mike Cox was one of the officers watching the video of one of two attacks by the same man that took place that day – and had just been reported. 

During the episode, he explains that both attacks happened on the university campus, just outside of the city.

‘Two students have been targeted, female students,’ he says. 

In the clip, the robber can be seen arriving on a bike and stopping just a few metres behind the woman, before lunging towards her to snatch the tote bag off her shoulder. 

But rather than letting go, the determined woman holds onto the bag and starts fighting off the robber. 

The police successfully identified the suspect, Simon Garratt, 35, from DNA samples found on the woman’s bag

A panicked witness looks on and calls for help from the side of the road, while the victim continues to put up a strong fight.

The robber, who is not identifiable from the video, can be seen flinging the woman to the floor in the middle of the road in the hope she will let go of the bag – but it doesn’t work. 

The victim crawls to the floor, covering her bag with her body, while resisting the pushes and shoves from the robber, who appears to be getting increasingly frustrated with her. 

Eventually, two passers-by run to the rescue of the student, and can be seen talking to the robber while the victim gathers herself and stands up.  

Watching the footage, DS Mike Cox and his colleague observe that attacking someone in broad daylight shows a ‘desperate act’ from the robber. 

The police went on to explain that they had to use the footage in order to gather information about the man that had committed the two brazen daytime robberies. 

They add that a witness alerted others to the crime and took a picture of the suspect, who was wearing a black hoodie and tracksuit bottoms.  

‘He’s quite skinny at the hands. You can see the veins, can’t you,’ DS Cox says, while also observing that his bike is an old model.  

In the CCTV clip, the victim can be seen putting up a good fight against the thief, as she fiercly clings to her purse

While the victim’s bag is submitted for DNA samples, DC Luke Soar can be seen patrolling the area where the robberies took place to see if anything of importance was left behind. 

‘When victims give an account of a suspect that is pale, skinny, those sort of description with somebody that has committed robberies during the daylight, in an area that is quite well populated and quite busy because it’s so close to the UEA, screams desperation,’ he explains. 

‘Screams potentially drug abuse. This person needs to be taken off the streets and whilst he’s still out there, there is that risk and there is that concern that when he is going to re-offend.’ 

Later in the show, viewers see new CCTV footage which eventually caught the robber as he returned to the scene of the second crime – presumably looking for something he had dropped. 

It comforted the investigators in their belief that the man was local, but they still needed more information and forensic evidence to identify him. 

The DNA tests on the bag were fast-tracked, and found a match for one Simon Garratt, 35, local to the area. 

He was arrested and questioned by police before confessing to both attacks – and explaining that he owed drug dealers money. 

‘That night before,some guys come around to sell a bit of gear and they sorted me out with some gear, and in the morning they said they wanted money for it,’ he says. 

‘And I couldn’t pay them any money. And they said they were going to rape my missus if I didn’t go out and got them anything.’ 

Remembering the first attack, he adds: ‘It was just like in a dream, it’s like it wasn’t even me.’

‘I got on my bike and rose across the road, and I saw a purse in a girl’s bag, and I went to grab the purse out of the bag.’ 

‘She grabbed the bag and we tussled with the bag a bit. I didn’t mean to hurt her.,’ he added. 

However, a police interview with Simon’s girlfriend disproved his claims that he was acting under duress.  

Police: Suspect No.1 airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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